collective flight

collective flight

A Poem by aLuna

Lick your wounds and self attune to this new moon

That put you in alignment with the collective assignment

of coming forth to declare your worth on this new earth

that spews an unreal madness and brews illusory sadness.


Momentarily lift disdain for a structure that seems insane,

to own your right to free flight in the realm of the arcane.

Transgress the manifestation that instills a false sedation

Of a real human elation that reflects our true vibration.


We are the Zen of this multifaceted gem

who are declaring the sharing of true power and caring.

Sadness will not endure the purity of true nature.

In all ways we grow from the harshness bestowed

in the dimly dressed hallways of a misplaced ego.


And from this new space, our colorful feathers

That fly with grace will never be weathered,

when we know our true self

and the stealth of this human endeavor.

© 2011 aLuna

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Not that I'm in any way qualified to be the welcoming committee, having been here for about 2 days myself, but that said, "Welcome to WritersCafe!"

This has an interesting flow to it--I like the rhymes within the lines themselves. I don't see that particularly often. It's also nice to read something so optimistic for a change!

"Sadness will not endure the purity of true nature" was my favorite line here, and I thought it summed up the poem perfectly. While I can only guess at what you had in mind when you wrote it, I read it as "None of us are inherently sad; the less we fight against ourselves, the happier we will be."

Thanks for the poem, and see you around!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on March 29, 2011
Last Updated on March 30, 2011
Tags: collective flight, liberation, enlightenment, earth, freedom, phoenix, flames, flight, bird, realization



Kansas City, MO

I am super down with the shifting consciousness, ready to roll with the downloads, act, share, express and love. One of my many mediums is to write. This is something that I cannot NOT do. I have n.. more..

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