Innocence Gone

Innocence Gone

A Poem by Lauren Beth

To have that once unknowingly
Precious, pure innocence and
Carefree state of mind.
No, state of living…
No, state of being.
We need more of it.

Whatever it was, whatever it is.
To have it again would
Be like eternal bliss.
Absolute happiness,
With just living, playing
The days away.

Once it’s realized what..
Greatness and harmony
You so naively possessed,
its too late…
To turn back
Tainted by the darkness
We call adulthood.

© 2009 Lauren Beth

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I disagree , Lauren.... it is never to late "to turn back"
The "greatness and harmony you felt as a child" has just been stifled
by modern lives.
It is the place you go to when you write...
Writting is a form of make things appear and disappear
with the wand of your pen...
Like you did in this also bring out the invisible...

Like my enjoyment of this poem


Posted 10 Years Ago

Hey Lauren Beth,
Wow, this is so true, innocence is something we all need. It's not fair toward the children that have trashy parents who don't care what they do or see. The children soon loose their innocence, at a very young age. Eventually the bad things they see or hear make them feel its okay to do those bad things. You have written a poem many people need to see and drink in.
~Smiley :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

You have captured this truism with eloquence and wisdom...

Posted 11 Years Ago

yeah... isn't it a tragedy that we all could posses such a thing but imagination and such dwindles when we become so called more majeur (or how ever you spell it.)

Posted 11 Years Ago

So true...the world changes us all. As we get older we are exposed to hate and lies and we learn it. Children do not judge and they have the ability to love and trust openly we do not. Even parents who have the best interest for their children at heart teach them to leave this sense of believing behind. One you see the evil out there you can never get that innocence back.


Posted 11 Years Ago

i agree with Dale on this one...another thing that i wish to point out is that when we are young, we want so much to grow up..once we get there, we wish that we hadn't lost the innocence of childhood. Adulthood is not something that it all appears to be through the eyes of a child. this was something that i pointed out to my children and they too have come to realize.


Posted 11 Years Ago

Oh so true and well said my friend... the sad thing is when we are young an innocent we can dream away of things we want to do but by the time we are old enough to do them the dreams are buried under heartache and disappointment causing us to hesitate.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on October 12, 2009


Lauren Beth
Lauren Beth


I enjoy writing poetry, usually just what comes to me. I write for me, it's like just something that I need to get out. Whatever hits me at the moment I start jotting down, on sticky notes, napkins.... more..

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