A Poem by Amanda J. S.

I have not been very active on this site lately... Here is some poems that I've posted on tumblr ^^ (there is also a few pictures and even a music video)

  1. The little Girl and The big Shadow...


    As I open my eyes,

    Standing on a lush hill,

    I see a little girl.

    She is standing in front of me

    Pointing at something behind me,


    I look in the direction

    And can at first

    Not spot anything other than a dark forest.

    But after a while,

    A big,

    Dark shadow materializes.

    It is screaming

    Just like the girl.

    And it is as their vales combine.

    I start running,

    Through the shadow.

    And into the forest,

    Not intending to come out,

    At least not until they’re gone.

    A voice inside my head whispers,

    “You know they aren’t disappearing.

    Not before you confront them.”

    -Amanda J. S.

  2. Opposing Forces Battling...


    I am floating,


    Their is nothing but space beneath me.

    I feel my heart pounding,

    But I know it isn’t there.

    They are calling my name,

    But I don’t know why.

    I don’t know what they want.

    Why can’t they just leave me alone?

    A creature materializes.

    It has two female faces,

    The first radiating glee,

    The second dread.

    I can’t decide which one to like the most.

    It’s black hair looks as if it is under water,

    A glint of green in it.

    It’s skin white.

    Again I hear my name being called,

    Now clearer,

    But still muffled.

    I still can’t decide which face to choose.

    -Amanda J. S.

  3. pulmonaire:

    by Maria Louceiro


    Nope.. nothing…

  4. newrakakuza:

    Not heaven or hell just somewhere in between.

    Love, love, LOVE this picture! ^^

  5. 35deleteedit


    People often make a mistake that their time frame are other people’s time frame too.

  6. 3deleteedit
    Falling from The Ground...


    I have been lying on the ground for so long…

    Gravity of my beliefs holding me down…

    You have to fit in,

    Have friends,

    And just be normal.

    Thoughts like that was always invading my mind.

    But I knew I wasn’t normal.

    When I was younger,

    I was waiting for a letter from Hogwards..

    I was waiting for my moment to arise,

    To let it confirm my true beliefs:

    That I wasn’t like anybody else.

    But now I am falling from the ground,

    Toward the stars.

    I notice them getting closer,

    The longer I stay in my true element.

    I am no longer a slave,

    Taken prisoner by the fear of being different.

    I am on my way toward the moon,

    And I am never intending to stop falling.

    Falling from the ground.

  7. 3deleteedit
    Too Far Away....


    You are calling my name…

    I can’t answer you,

    I’m sorry..

    I am just too lost in my own little world…

    -A message from all the depressed people…(and writers in some cases)

  8. 5deleteedit

    I love this video! I don’t know why… But there is just something about it…

  9. 8deleteedit
    Dancing Souls...


    Place your hand in mine,

    Look into my deep, dark eyes,

    Lend me a smile,

    And hold me for a while.

    When I dance this confusing tango with you,

    I feel my heart beating faster.

    We are nothing but two souls,

    Bound to explode together.

    I’m holding your hand in mine,

    Looking into the eyes of my sanity’s killer.

    Fore you slaughtered my mind when you met me,

    Made me question my deepest beliefs.

    Hold this hand,

    Not only for a while.

    A while would not be enough,

    Not for you,

    Nor for me,

    Fore when two souls are dancing, 

    They are bound to keep it up.

  10. 7deleteedit
    What am I Without The Inspiration?



    What to write about?

    Inspiration has been a bit absent lately…

    I look at the sky,

    And lately,

    It has been gray.

    Winter is coming… (isn’t that the title of the first episode of Game of Thrones?)

    And my heart has grown a little cold…

    Not in an evil way,

    But in a way of…


    I guess it’s from the lack of inspiration,

    But the cold and dark weather has definitely something to do with it, too…

    When I am sitting at my laptop,

    Staring at the screen,

    I can’t help but wonder


    Why go on?

    With the writing, you know.

    And I always find the answer:

    Because without the writing,

    I wouldn’t be me.

    I can’t imagine my life without the poetry and the other stuff,

    Not anymore.

    I can’t really seem to stop thinking in artistic

    And philosophic ways…

    This isn’t a poem.

    This is more of a…


    To all of you,

    All of those who sometimes lose their inspiration.

    If the inspiration isn’t there,

    Write about the feeling you get,

    When it is absent.

    It makes you wonder…

    How would my life be without the writing? 

    Answers enabled.
  11. 5deleteedit
    Just one more time...


    Please hold me,

    Just one more time.

    Let the sorrow wait,

    And just give me this last minute.

    I will never ask for more,

    Just this one time.

    Being in your embrace,

    Has always been the highlight of my day,

    But you, too

    Are lonely when we are together.

    The years have changed our love,

    We have been pulled apart

    By invisible arms

    And by reality.

    Lending this one embrace,

    Is the picture of our departure

    Because when you leave,

    It will symbolize what has happened to us through the years.

    -To an old friend. One who is missed dearly, but no longer wanted.

  12. 1deleteedit
    Social Networking...


    Have it destroyed the society?

    I am just wondering.

    If you really think about it,

    We are today more anti-social than ever.

    And why shouldn’t we be?

    We have the choice,

    Of staying home all day,

    And still stay in contact with all our friends,

    Even people we don’t know.

    We have the choice of working from home,

    And again,

    Why shouldn’t we?

    The social society is about to collapse,

    And it doesn’t even upset us.

© 2012 Amanda J. S.

Author's Note

Amanda J. S.

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I loved the poem about confronting one's paranoia in the form of shadow
The best part is that you find inspiration while looking for inspiration !!! o_O
Wicked !!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Amanda J. S.

8 Years Ago

Thank you very much! ^^
You are a busy writer. I enjoyed all the poems. I wish I had the time to write and to think. Thank you for sharing your poetry and artwork.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Wonderful work, you have a ton of talent for not only writing, but for presentation as well.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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WHOA! WOW! HOLY DMAN!!! :O Looking at all that, couldn't help but squeal when reading "Danicng Souls" MY FAVORITE ONE!!!!! LUB LUB LUB IT!!!!!

Posted 8 Years Ago


Posted 8 Years Ago


Posted 8 Years Ago


Posted 8 Years Ago

Are You interest with Social networking?

Posted 8 Years Ago

Awesome :D

Posted 8 Years Ago

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