The Darkness Where I Dwell

The Darkness Where I Dwell

A Poem by Amber Elaine Marshall

A poem about the harsh city I was born and raised in.

"The Darkness Where I Dwell"

" In these dark city streets I dwell I've become a stranger to myself, for in these
 streets one has the tendency to loose themselves. Too preoccupied keeping up your guard and watching your back. Preparing your self to be ready to react in the midst of it all we forget who we are.

Everyday battles a way of life in a place we call home, a war raging at our front doors has caused us to evolve to an combative state, leaving our primal instincts to lead the way.

The darkness bestowed upon our city streets has turned it's occupants into the face of evil. From the moment we take our first breath in this forsaken city we are taught to survive some how causing us to behave as some sort of savage beast. We all suffer, falter, and fade in these dark Stockton streets.

As if this town were a blood thirsty creature consuming as many souls as it can to satisfy it's insatiable appetite, as if the demons of hell were unleashed to reap havoc and prevent any peace.

This chaos we've created through our primal instinct to survive like beast we pursue our prey savagely. Only to find that we've lost pieces of ourselves and our sanity and become confused about our mentality.

Though the behavior is necessary to make it through these streets alive we have become a monstrosity we don't recognize. In our reflections lurks something vile without the ability of feeling nor understanding remorse, regret, fear, or humanity.

We've become vicious and wicked, twisted and demented driven maniacally by the darkness that dwells in Stockton's streets."

© 2015 Amber Elaine Marshall

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Amber - a tough way to grow up, but it seems to have left you with a zest for life and a open heart. We can be a product of our surroundings or a product in spite of our surroundings. Thank God or whomever, that we were born with a free will and hopefully the intelligence to use it in a positive way. Give mom a hug.

Posted 10 Years Ago

***********************************************************************A Thank you *******************

I arrived, to go direct. To the pain.. the same. That place we all survive rough places. To get to the read with a need to proceed, yet time taken, as your profile read. Of the turning, to something beautiful. Where writing, saved us, from the succumbing. In this alone, I thank you upon waking. face my own computer, and carry on. To your dwellings, and try to go beyond. The reading. Ro.
******************************************************************************* All Stars ****************

The sub-culture of Seeking. Where the percentage go and act out there pain.
Not having a beginning, that is normal anyway. The street will take us.

As that's what city streets were designed for. To carry us to whatever twisted destination, is an of. Our current choosing. The animals, in the wilds. Sometimes prowl, the darkness. With their deeds, their needs... To loose.
Expressed actions of demented, rage.

Tracking the concrete jungle, like rats. In a maze... their programs fixed, in that slavishness brain. A waste. The everywhere, that reject them, the string of wrongs real, and imagined. The fuel that drives these streets, Stockton CA or Vernon BC they are all the same, and Hell. Awaits, with its tempting taunt.

The willing, towards self destruction. Satan's need. To drain and drain this horrid psyche Vampirism Impressment. Till no creativity, remain....
In ugliness, gained...

The day

And with glee, to see... that animal. The Beast. Claimed.
By those Dark streets.
We choose. To travel and the reality of the world. Unravel. To nothing...

********************************************************************************** Turn Right *******

Romon in Review 05/31/10. 7:57pm. Quesnel BC CANADA. Hope Heart & Soul. Ro... an ride the Hell. Outta there. Intact. ;) My Friend

Posted 10 Years Ago

Although I've driven through this city numerous times, I surely don't know it as intimately as you do, although many of my coworkers are from this, fair, city.

What an interesting and passionate write about this half forgotten step child of a town.

I enjoyed it immensely
and feel fortunate to have read it.

Have a great eve!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Does not sound like a place I would like to visit .....smiles
This was a pretty amazing piece of work here Elaine.

In the deep dark night......

Posted 10 Years Ago

this is good, you could do better, i would boil this poem down about 50% i think you could turn your experience into a real masterpiece, but a 100/100 for sincerity, let me know if you revise

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Amber Elaine Marshall
Amber Elaine Marshall

Stockton, CA

I'm a single mother of two wild little boys.I grew up in a rough town and had a tough childhood, I am the product of a broken home and my father was an hardcore drug user. I have become a strong pers.. more..


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