They are the reason why

They are the reason why

A Poem by Amber Dawn Agin

If no one cares for you at all, do you even really exist? If you don't even exit, how can your life possibly matter?


voices that grow louder

dripping poison from sweet tongues

every word shattering me

like broken glass scattered on the floor

my tear stained face reflected in distorted shards

repeating harsh words to the mirrored image

carefully forming my lips to match their own

fat, f****t, freak

stupid, stuck up, s**t

ugly, useless, loser

replaying each syllable

like a pathetic broken record

believing each word that slices through me

to bleed out only truth

how cruel they truly are

to so carelessly cut me open

with echoing fits of laughter

while I stand unmoving and broken

tears endlessly fall from glazed eyes

this world just a meaningless void

where dull heart beats prove nothing

in the words of Cassandra Clare:

if no one cares for you at all

do you even really exist?

air can fill these lungs as blood can spill down these arms

but, as always, nothing remains

just a hollow shell disguised as a person

wondering how life could be so torturous

loneliness destroying my mind

tempting me with beautiful lies and

these thoughts that I can never escape

continue begging that tonight be my last

the vicious taunts and suggestions

that I should end this disastrous life

allow the blood to pour

until I am completely empty

© 2016 Amber Dawn Agin

Author's Note

Amber Dawn Agin
Wrote this a year or two ago for a writing competition, the theme being "bullying" Wanted to post it as I'm always happy to receive criticism or reviews xx

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Added on May 20, 2016
Last Updated on May 20, 2016
Tags: bullying, self harm, suicide, depression, mental illness, slurs


Amber Dawn Agin
Amber Dawn Agin

Harrisburg, IL

Just your typical 19 year old girl that's kinda messed up in the head and thinks she can be poetic *shrugs* more..