Do you really?

Do you really?

A Poem by amdc101

Another personal experience


Do you really?

Do you really


I would do something like that?

I wouldn’t.

But you believe lies

Are too blind

To see truth

Too shallow

To see reality

Do you really


everything you said?

I didn’t.

After everything you did

I did

We said

You said

I know it isn’t true.

Unlike you, I know a lie

When it slaps me in the face

I am deep enough

to see you

like no one else does

But you gave it up.

Do you really

know who you are?

Do you really

want to be this person?

I wouldn’t.

I wouldn’t put my trust

in the wrong person.

And although evidently I did,

I would at least know the truth

I wouldn’t spread lies

Just to gain confidence.

So you see

I do know the truth

I know you have

to always have someone

to call a friend

Because you are not strong enough

on your own.

But you don’t know the meaning

of the word.

Look at how you surround yourself


who are so insecure

they lie

to have no competition

And you are becoming like them.

You are weak and insecure.

You can’t lean on the truth

It isn’t on your side

You can’t lean on your friends

Because none of them

are real.

You gave that up..

So you walk around

spreading lies

And hurt

And jealousy

Trying to turn everyone against me.

And when you know you are wrong

You dismiss people

Like they are beneath you

Because you can’t admit


So you think

you’re funny

you’re beautiful

And you’re perfect

But I know better

And I am the only


Who really

Sees you.

© 2011 amdc101

Author's Note

This is about someone who I thought was my friend, but really is no one's. If you know someone shallow, mean, and insecure, this is them.

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I think everyone can relate to this. We all know someone who is like that. We all know the exact person you are talking about in here, and I got a good mental image of the picture you were painting. Good work!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Are you stalking me?? This is exactly what happened to me!! lol keep writing!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Great write! I think we have all had run-ins with people shallow, mean and insecure so it is a poem that everyone can relate to.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Very true. An experience I have through as well. Good job on capturing this. Well written and a great write. Keep on writing!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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