acetominophen for the soul

acetominophen for the soul

A Chapter by Lyn Anderson

inspired by many things, including the song


Some girls

Some girls like a man

With a perfect manicure

sporting a three piece Armani,

Some girls like a man

To stimulate her intellectually,

Some girls like a man

To prop her up financially.


But she isn't some girl.


She's learned the hard way

That men who woo with words

Often don't mean what they say.

And others negotiate it

With the amount of pain

They can inflict.


She likes a man

Who smells like clean soap

Over diesel and dirt,

Who takes an honest day's pay

For an honest day's work,

And it's nothing but the man

Who makes her want to stay.

The moment I leave you

I want to turn right back

and fall into you again. 

There isn't one thought

but many

that hold you inside me.

Snuggle up in a

human spoon

as the moon

gives way

to the light

of day --


to feel you is bliss

has it only

been hours

since our last kiss?


like a puppy,


her tail,

looking to play ...


Snuggle in against

your skin,

feel your

hands glide

under satin,

this is how it begins



© 2018 Lyn Anderson

Author's Note

Lyn Anderson

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Snuggle up in a .. human spoon.. as the moon.. gives way.. to the light.. of day -- '

For sure, words beckon, lure, entice if only for a day. But, but - a shared contented hand-holding silence is a lifetime in the making.

The way in which you've written: two trains of thoughts and emotions, travelling on separate ines but, reaching the same destination, perhaps?

Posted 3 Years Ago

Lyn Anderson

3 Years Ago

you got it, exactly. Nice to see you again. Thank you for the review.
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Interesting take on the topic. I like the honesty, the "modern" sounding words, especially the stanzas on the left.
I like the lines: She learned the hard way that men who woo woo with words often don't mean what they say. Sounds true. No sugary words spoiling women or people in general. Honesty is worth more. Your writings make people think. Good one.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Lyn Anderson

3 Years Ago

thanks. And a man who appreciates that he does smell like clean soap over diesel and dirt.:)

3 Years Ago

Sounds nice. :)
i like the idea of "falling back into you again"

and the first one here makes me smile...a woman who wants a regular guy, no frills, no facades, not the look or the suit...but the real person underneath...clean and humble...


Posted 3 Years Ago

Lyn Anderson

3 Years Ago

Thank you so much for your review.
Knowing what you want in a man or woman and accepting nothing less or more for that matter, it doesn't matter what they wear or how prolific they are with the sugary words, real, caring, happy and loving will win out every time. Very good KL. Your heart once again flows from your pen

Posted 3 Years Ago

Lyn Anderson

3 Years Ago

That's the only way I know how. It just comes, naturally, imperfect, but perfectly me.
The honest romance in this one....the full acceptance of another human so fresh and inviting. Some girls don't know what good love obviously do. Wonderful write. Lydi**

Posted 3 Years Ago

Lyn Anderson

3 Years Ago

A stamp of approval from the queen of romantic poetry. I'll take it. Thank you. I am letting it in, .. read more

3 Years Ago

You go, GF....there is life out there and you need to live it!

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