unfinished business

unfinished business

A Poem by Lyn Anderson

some things are better left undone


Unfinished business

Sometimes should be ...


Communication --

my vaccination

against the You

of my imagination ...


You were never

who I thought

but then again

neither was I ...


In the moments

when I miss you

I just remember

You never were ...


It wasn't love you see

It was a malignant cardiomyopathy ...


When I dreamed it

Did you know it?

Did you feel it?

Did you taste it?

Did you smell it?


I did.


I dreamed everything

in colour

the day you

left my


© 2019 Lyn Anderson

Author's Note

Lyn Anderson

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Unfinished business really should read, why don't you just bugger off.
But life is never like that, some just won't go, no matter how much you try to say it's over.
Yet you would think leaving on good terms would benefit both parties.
Just never works out that way.

Posted 6 Months Ago

Lyn Anderson

6 Months Ago

Sometimes there just is stuff that doesn't go away when it should :)
Paul Bell

6 Months Ago

A lawyers dream.
oooooooo great turn in closing Lyn .. i especially like that .. great song choice too says i!
"Communication --
my vaccination
against the You
of my imagination ..." absolutely genius girl! :) strong theme carried throughout ... how we love that imagined love of our lives ... such a cold reality slap to realize it ... and the turmoil of "what to do" ... I read in a book of grieving once that when going through it .. to find someone to tell it to .. and tell it over and over .. if that person gets tired of hearing it ... find another and so on .. until those powerful feelings diminish enough to carry on .. wild font and format that you know i like .. this one is really all over the place .. the way one might feel in a topsy turvied world .. nice one Lyn!

Posted 7 Months Ago

Lyn Anderson

7 Months Ago

Thank you my friend.:)
Wherever you go,the background will follow you. Nicely written Lyn. The format is excellent as well as the narrative imagery of emotions.

Posted 7 Months Ago

Lyn Anderson

7 Months Ago

Thank you so much
My vaccination against you, that is a very well formed thought that carries the entire message through.
Very nicely done.

Posted 7 Months Ago

Lyn Anderson

7 Months Ago

No matter how good today is, there are moments the past creeps up and whispers in your ear
Unfinished business
Sometimes should be..
In those moments that you miss me
Just remember
I am that guy that never was

ideally to be read aloud with a forced BBC accent.... unmistakably very L.A :)

Posted 7 Months Ago

Lyn Anderson

7 Months Ago

Thanks for that
my first ex and i were inseparable for a couple years...then the second two years i guess we found out who we really were...and it was not together...
the color with which we see things turns from rose red, to bleak grey when love doesn't work out...but it certainly is in High Definition...
the wording in this is so smooth...and makes us feel the distance that grew...

Posted 7 Months Ago

Lyn Anderson

7 Months Ago

I like your perspective. Very astute. Thank you.
Hey.... that guys an idiot! :)
The machinations of our predispositions in choosing of folks would make the scales of Iustitia crack! I have always liked that name cause it reminds me of lust and that's what happens when lust and what a person really are tip the scales in our blindness doing us injustice now i just stick to ferns and cats they rarely are painful:) I still really like how your form relates your lines it is a great style

Posted 7 Months Ago

Lyn Anderson

7 Months Ago

Thanks. I appreciate it

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