The Stripper!?

The Stripper!?

A Screenplay by James Lark

Bartender: The same?

Me: Yeah ma, amaretto sour and a shot. 

Bartender: So where's your cousin? I haven't seen him in awhile.

Me: (laughing)...Never have I.

Bartender: (giggling)...Ok I'll leave that one alone. If you need anything holla.

Me: I'm good, going to finish these and take my a*s home.

Stripper: So you must come in here all the time.

Dj: ( We have Candy coming to the main stage. Let's give it up for Candy.)

Me: (laughing)...Na ma' it ain't even like that. I rest right around the corner. Occasionally I stop by after work for a drink.

Stripper: So your married and you stop in a strip club every night for drinks?

Me: Damn ma', (laughing) trying to read me. I'm separated, just haven't taken the ring of yet. And do you not know what occasionally means.

Stripper: Occasionally, now and then; sometimes..(giggling) Yes, pretty and smart.

Me: Ok you got that off. 

DJ: (Deja to the side stage)

Deja: Hold that thought I'll be right back. Time to get this over with...

Me: Huh?

Deja: First night.

Me: So it's Deja, that's cute and different.

Deja: That's me, cute and  different. 

Dj: (In her debut performance give it up for Deja.) 

Stripper 2: Maaaj, where's your cousin?

Me: Tee, you know I'm not Cap's keeper and you shouldn't be asking about him. That s**t with your baby's dad was fucked up.

Tee: Ain't my fault, that n***a didn't wanna be bothered with his son until I started f*****g with Cap.

Me: Yeah, but with the way Cap runs his mouth, you know what he do. And Cap's f*****g crazy.

Tee: Don't you mean what "Y'all" do...(giggling)..

Me: (fake laughing)... Whatever ma', go get that money. Here, little man needs some new Jordan's.

Tee: (lauhing)... Trying to dismiss me. Just tell Cap you saw me and I said, "whenever."

Me: I got you ma'....Candy, a shot and a glass of water.

Candy: Here you go hun.

Me: So what's good with shorty on stage.

Candy: Who Deja?..(laughing)...I kind of knew you would like her. She's good people, same drama you have.

Me: Nobody has my drama...(laughing)

DJ: (Tianna to the side stage)

Candy: Please, drama is drama..(giggling)...holla if you need anything else.

Dj: (give it up for Deja, coming to the stage we have the lovely Tianna)

Deja: I see you're still here..(grinning) 

Me: Yeah, I've been holding this thought for like ten minutes.

Deja: (laughing)...So your a comedian also.

Me: Something like that, I'm multi-talented and good at everything I do.

Deja: (smiling)... Everything?


Deja: Do chick actually fall for that?

Me: What? (laughing)...I'm dead serious. Besides you are...

Deja: Oh, am I?

Me: Yep, you watched me talk to Tee while you where dancing. 

Deja: I was looking at the clock.

Me: Whatever, it's cool to like me. I'm a likable person.

Deja: Ahhh..the Dj's giving me that look...I need to go make my rounds.

Me: Go do your thing ma'. I'm starting to feel these drinks anyway. Here this is for the conversation.

Deja: We didn't talk this long...

Dj: ( Passion to the main stage.)

Me: But while you were talking to me you could of had a couple of dances. I respect the hustle...Candy, I'm good.

Candy: Thanks Majjjy, tell Cap to call me.

Me: (laughing)...not you too?

Deja: So that's it, your not going to even ask for my number?

Me: I guess it worked.

Deja: Whatever, bye!

Me: I'm joking, here take my number.(laughing)...Only use it in case of an emergency.

Deja: Ok, only in emergency.

Me: Have a goodnight ma'.

Deja: You also Mr. Maj...(giggling)...And it's Dawn. My name is Dawn.

Me: I know..




Me: (half sleep)... Hello??

Deja: Wake up sleepy.

Me: Who is this?

Deja: You forgot about me already? 

Me: Nah, how could I forget about you?

Deja: Get up, let's go have breakfast...

© 2013 James Lark

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I like the line nobody has my drama. I wonder how he already knew her name. I don't understand some of the jokes. I felt like the character's had distinct voices which is important in a play.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on April 15, 2013
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James Lark
James Lark

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