It's just Sex... Rule of three!?

It's just Sex... Rule of three!?

A Story by James Lark

The rule of three is very simple. It's meant to stop people from getting overly attached. When you decided from the door that it's just going to be about sex nothing more nothing less there is a specific number of encounters you should stop at. Three. You might ask, "why three?" It's simple, the first time is usually awkward. Your not familiar with each other's bodies, so accidents could happen (premature ejaculation). F**k it we've all been there. I can't count how many times I found out shorty was tighter than I thought she would be. (I guess what's loose to some is tight to other's) The second time you know what to expect. You throw in a couple more positions. You know some reverse cowgirl, standing 69, tap the cervix (not everyone can do that one). The third and final time, beast mode. You make sure you will always be remembered. You come close to making love but keep switching it up. You have to remember it's just sex. Oh I almost forgot no spending the night, no cuddling. That creates emotional ties. Some people might think this is wrong but f**k'em. This is for mature minded adults who just need to blow off some steam. Sometimes it really is just sex...

© 2013 James Lark

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Added on April 15, 2013
Last Updated on April 15, 2013
Tags: Sex, drama, life, summer, realtalk


James Lark
James Lark

Bethlehem, PA

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