A Screenplay by James Lark

A tale of a group of people growing up in a tourist town.

(People playing pool and the jukebox playing in the background)
Random chick: (placing glass down on the counter) You're not going to forget to call me tonight? (Walking away)
J: Of course not. You'll have my full attention when I'm done doing what I have to do.
Random chick: (looking back) OK, I picked up something special for you to unwrap later!
J: I'm looking forward to it. Just give me a couple hours and be ready when I call.
Random chick: Oh I will be!
Random customer: Let me get..
Marie: Hold on, can't you see I'm talking. Coño!
Marie: Why do they fall for your bullshit? 
J: It's not bullshit. She will have my undivided attention tonight. (laughing) Tomorrow's another story. 
Marie: I see. So how come you never tried giving me your undivided attention?
J: You know I can't f**k with you! I have to see you damn near every day.
Marie: What does that have to do with anything? 
J: You know what I'm about! I'm not trying to s**t where I eat. 
Marie: So if I didn't work her and I was just visiting, you would make time for me?
J: (laughing) It depends on how long you are staying for. I have commitment issues.
Marie: Boy you make no damn sense. You're f*****g retarded.
J: Nah fo'real though, you still f*****g with Juan, right? 
Marie: Something like that. (smiling) What you scared of him?
J: No temo a nadie! 
Marie: Así que ahora usted habla español!
J: Only when I need to make a point. (Laughing)
Marie: (rambling in really fast broken English and Spanish)
J: Slow down you lost me like twenty syllables ago.
Marie: Give me your hand.
J: Que?
Marie: Just give it to me. ( takes his hand and scratches her fingers in his palm ) Do you know what that means?
J: (grinning) Yeah!! Girl you better stop playing.
Marie: Who said I was playing?
Random customer: Let me get..
J: She's closing down early tonight. (reaching in his pocket) Last rounds on me! 
Marie: And why am I doing that?
J: (climbing over the bar) I'm changing my plans so I can see if you're really with it. 
(Marie taking orders and pouring drinks)
Marie: But I thought...
J: (placing his arms around her waist from behind) Just tell everybody you closing down early tonight.
Marie: But...
J: (whispering as he kisses her neck) I thought you weren't playing?
Marie: (sighing) I'm not, but there's still people here.
J: (unbuttoning her jean) I don't see anyone but you!
Marie: mmm...(grinding her a*s against him) F**k... J: (rubbing her breast, shoulders, then belly) Your skin is so beautiful and soft... (sliding his hand in between her jeans and thong) Do you want me to stop?
Marie: No.


Los: Are you sure you want to do this?
J: Yeah I've been thinking about it for a minute.
Los: I can't believe you're going to stop. We getting money right now.
J: Man I got like 500 stacked and I'm going to leave Dre my connect.
Los: Dre!? N***a are you crazy!?
J: Nah, N***a proved himself with those Dominican kids.
Los: True, but Dre? Come on, he plays around to f*****g much and likes to run his mouth. 
J: Yeah, but he's family. And you know n****s don't like dealing with you Mira, Miras! (Laughing)
Los: F**k them b***h a*s n****s... (laughing) my money green just like theirs. 
J: Plus my girl is starting to wonder what I'm doing and we really haven't been kicking it lately.
Los: Your girl... (laughing) which one n***a? You're f*****g with a different chick up in her every day.
J: Those are just short stays (laughing) My main girl ain't coming up in here or getting involved in any of this s**t.
Los: What about Marie?
J: She knows what that was about. I wanted to f**k, she wanted dick and that was it.
Los: Nah n***a, she in love. 
(Beep, beep)
J: (checking his text) It's Bump, he needs 6!
Los: Don't change the subject n***a, Shorty on some leave Juan s**t. You know better than to f**k with these local b*****s.
J: N***a just send one of the youngings down there. Put it in one of the stuff animals out of the machine. And f**k Juan! Dre had to f**k that n***a up over a couple dollars.
Los: So that's why that n***a doesn't come pick her up anymore.
(Beep, beep) 
J: That's Dre now. What's the call out code? The one I had doesn't work any more.
Los: #3323 tell that n***a to get me two bean pies and a twinkie
J: (Laughing while leaving the bar) 


(Dialing phone number....ringing)
Dre: Yo!!
J: What's good fam??
Dre: Nothing n***a!! Just copped some new s**t. Been banging it all day. I'm going to have to get some new speakers, the bass is sick.
J: Cool. I'm giving Los a deal on an amp. Taken 15 off.
Dre: (laughing) He knows to get at me now?
J: Yeah n***a. Just keep s**t with that n***a good.
Dre: N***a you giving him a free...
J: N***a!!! I don't give no one s**t. 
Dre: You know what I mean. And I'm on a pay phone At the church.
J: Yeah but you slip up. You have to keep s**t on the low.
Dre: Anyway, I want you to meet this chic ....
J: N***a the last chick you set me up with got me stabbed (laughing)
Dre: My bad n***a (laughing his a*s off) how would I know her ex was on some fatal attraction s**t.
J: (laughing) That n***a wont be stabbing anyone else. 
Dre: (lol) N***a got fuccccked up for that b***h s**t. But shorty mad cool.
J: If she mad cool, why ain't you smashing that?
Dre: (laughing) The a*s ain't fat enough for me. N***a you know I like thick b*****s! If she put on like 40 lbs, ball game!!
J: So you trying to pass me some anorexia b***h.
Dre: Nah, she got a tight little body. That gymnast type! Her name is Dawn, she just moved in with Pam. So we need to fly down to the A and bang out some college b*****s!
J: I'm good n***a, I told you it's all about Renee now. N***a you should be thankful you can probably get some p***y now. (laughing)
Dre: N***a I get p***y...
J: Drunk strippers and Los's mom don't count!
Dre: Yo, tell that n***a tell to tell his moms to iron my draws.
J: Yo hit me later going to pick up Renee
Dre: Cool. One


J: (walking back into the bar) Yo, that n***a said as soon as your mom is done with his laundry and tell that b***h to iron is boxers that the least she can because the head was wack. (laughing his a*s off)
Los: ( laughing ) I got some s**t for that n***a when I see him. Yo, that shorty from Canada?
J: Poison game! Do you n***a? (laughing) Just don't kiss her, head game sick. 
Los: You know me n***a I don't give a f**k. Sprinkle some coke on my dick and let her go to work.
J: And then start tricking. (laughing)
Los: It ain't tricking if you got it.
(Beep, beep)
J: That's my girl. Dre got you. I knocked 1500 off for the baby. Pamper money.
Los: Good look. Rosie due next month. When you going to have one??
(Beep, beep)
J: No time soon, but yo I'm out. Be back in like a hour. Make sure none of them crazy b*****s are around.
Los: 9 down the block!. nd you want to give this s**t up. 

Me: I'm on my way
Renee: Ok see you when you get here.
(Beep, beep) 
J: I told you I'm on my way to pick up Renee.
Dre: Yeah but that n***a Juan's been talking slick up in the club. Just wanted you to know.
J: Good look.
Dre: What you wanna do about it?
J: Send Ty and them to snatch him up and hold him til I'm done with Renee.
Dre: Alright my n***a, Wiz!!!.

J: Baby, I thought you were done?
Renee: I am, just need to grab my stuff.
( Re-re)
Renee: Hey...Chris, how have you been? 
Chris: Good, just as I see you have. (Laughing)
J: Really good!!! 
Renee: Stop! He's one of my brother's friends.
Chris: My bad dawg. Me and Re-re go way back. I remember when she use to follow Keith and me around like a shadow.
J: It's all good. 
Renee: Chris you should give Keith a call or stop by. He would really like to hear from you. 
(Beep, beep)
J: Baby I need to make a call real quick.
Renee: Ok, wait up. Chris you remember the number and we haven't moved so don't be a stranger. 
Chris: I won't.
Renee: So did you call a cab?
J: Nah its nice out. Let's walk the boardwalk.
Renee: Ok, but i want to stop at that Greek place to get something to eat.
J: You know I got you. Whatever you want to do is fine I just need to make a stop real quick after we eat.
Renee: Where? 
J: Casino. .
Renee: Why? I'm not watching you gamble all night. Beside I'm not going to jail because of your underage gambling. (Laughing)
J: ( laughing ) I'm not gambling anymore. I want you to meet a couple of my people.
Renee: Are they all criminals like your ... 
J: (laughing) I don't know any criminals. I just know people who make the best of bad situations. And your brothers aren't saints. I've seen Keith at my people's crib.
Renee: Doing what? 
Me: Grown folks stuff. (Laughing) Not to be mentioned to the young.
Renee: Boy please! I know how old you really are. 20.
J: 21in 36 days. (Laughing)
Renee: (giggling) Just because you don't get carded, it doesn't make you grown.
J: I don't get carded because I tip well. I'm grown because I'm older than you. (Laughing) 
Renee: Shot, I chipped a nail. 
J: Here, (reaching in his pocket) go get your hair and nails done tomorrow.
Renee: That's way to much!! Plus I have my own money. I do work you know!!
J: Ok miss independent! So I should take these earrings back. (handing them to her)
Renee: I didn't say all that. Thank you baby. 
J: Los!
Los: Yo, n***a. (looking over to Marie)I hit your phone like crazy.
Marie: (wiping down the bar) Oh, you can't speak.
J: Yeah I can speak. Marie, Los this is my girlfriend Renee.
Marie: gir...
Los: Nice to meet you. 
Marie: (really fast Spanish slang)
J: (laughing) I really don't check it when I'm with my girl. I keep it on vibrate. 
Los: That thing with Dre, went crazy. N***a a beast.
Renee: I thought I saw him in the mall. What his crazy a*s do?
J: Baby I need to get you home. Los call 13 for me. 
Marie: All that money you making, you need to get a car. (more really fast Spanish slang)
Renee: As soon as he gets his driver's license. (laughing)
J: I don't need it babe, there's always cabs and Dre. (Laughing)
Los: Yo, he's on his way. Where your girl go?
J: She went to the restroom and to call her dad to tell him she's on her way.

(Dial tone, dialing numbers, ringing)
Renee: Hey Jackie!
Jackie: Renee? Hey girl! What you up to?
Renee: I'm out with JaSun.
Jackie: I thought you were breaking up with his cheating a*s.
Renee: I was then I wasn't. 
Jackie: Wasn't?
Renee: Yeah. He came and picked me up from work. We walked down the boardwalk, stopped to eat and talked like we use to do.
Jackie: What did he buy you? 
Renee: (laughing) Why do you think he brought me something? 
Jackie: Because eveytime he f***s up he buys you something. (Laughing)
Renee: Earrings. But I didn't take any money from him. 
Jackie: Where are you at now? 
Renee: We stopped at a bar by the casino so he could talk to some people.
Jackie: Was a Spanish girl named Marie there?
Renee: Yeah, how did you know? 
Jackie: That foul mother f****r!!!
Renee: Why?
Jackie: That's the girl I heard he was f*****g with.
Renee: I can tell she likes him but I know he wouldn't f**k with her.
Jackie: And why is that?
Renee: Because she's tall, ghetto and...
Jackie: And what? Listen Chis and her boyfriend are real cool
Renee: Chris?
Jackie: Yes, Chris the one that use to hang with Keith. 
Renee: I just ran into him.
Jackie: I know I told him where you worked. I know you had a crush on him since back in the day and I thought you where breaking up with J.
Renee: What did he say about JaSun? 
Jackie: Well her boyfriend messed up some money and...
Renee: Drug money?? JaSun doesn't mess with drugs.
Jackie: Renee come on, you really believe that gambling story he tells you. Like I said, her boyfriend Juan fucked up some money and Dre beat his a*s.
Renee: So what does that have to do with JaSun.
Jackie: Juan found out he was f*****g her and wasn't going to pay for the stuff Dre fronted him.
Renee: So Dre gave Juan drugs, not JaSun?
Jackie: Renee, Jasun sells drugs and cheats on you. You really don't see it?
Renee: (crying) I know. I just didn't want to believe it.
Jackie: Don't even cry over his stupid a*s. F**k him!!
Renee: He's waiting for me know. He thinks I'm talking to my dad. I'll call you back when I get home. 
Jackie: ok. Stop crying and quit his cheating a*s.
Renee: bye 

Marie: So girlfriend? 
J: Not right now Ma. 
Marie: Not right now!?? (really really fast Spanish)...f**k you!! (Walks away)
Los: I tried to warn you.
J: F**k it, I'll handle that along with that Dre s**t later. I told him to send Ty.
Los: She's back.
J: So I'll hit you later.
Renee: You ready? 
J: Yeah we can wait out front. 
Renee: Nice meeting you.
Los: You two be safe. Don't do anything I would. 

J: Just call me a cab!!
Renee: Let me explain! 
J: Nah, l'm good! You've said enough!
Renee: Don't be like that! You think this is easy for me?
J: Obviously it is! What kind of fucked up reason is that!? We need space because we don't spend time together!
Renee: Really? Would you rather I said it was because of all the other girls you have been f*****g with..
J: What other girls? 
Renee: Don't even try to play stupid! Everybody's telling me you're f*****g around with this b***h and that b***h.. 
J: Who the f**k is telling you that bullshit!? 
Renee: Stop!! You can't even be honest with me now. I know you fucked that b***h I meet tonight !!
J: Who Marie? Please, why would I cheat on you with her? 
Renee: Because you're a f*****g dog!! (tears begin to flow) How many? 
J: How many what?
Renee: How many of these stupid b*****s have you been f*****g with?
J: I'm sorry, stop accusing of s**t I didn't do.
Renee: She called my house!! 
J: Who?
Renee: That Puerto Rican b***h from the bar. I can't believe you introduced me to that b***h. What the f**k is wrong with you!? 
J: What is wrong with you? Why the f**k would I want you to meet some b***h I'm f*****g? That just sounds real f*****g stupi...
Renee: I saw the way she was looking at you and the whole way home I kept hearing her voice in my head. I know that's the b***h that has been playing on my phone.
J: Just because someone is calling you and saying s**t doesn't make it true. You know what I'm out here doing. I don't have time for these stupid b*****s.
Renee: STOP F*****G LYING TO ME!! Stop lying and admit it. You like f*****g around with stupid b*****s and buying them s**t. (still crying) I F*****G HATE YOU!! 
J: So now I'm f**k and tricking? You know me better than that.
Renee: I thought I did... JUST GET THE F**K AWAY FROM ME!? And take these f*****g earrings. (throwing them at him)
J: (walking towards her) Renee...
Renee: (slapping the f**k out of him) I SAID LEAVE!!!
J: (grabbing her) B***H....

© 2013 James Lark

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Added on August 11, 2013
Last Updated on August 12, 2013
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