The interview!? Part 1

The interview!? Part 1

A Stage Play by James Lark

The interview!?
Announcer: It's Later! With your host Hannah  Todd! Today's guest, Author of the controversial book "Pieces of Perfection" Jasun Lake.
Hannah: So let's get right into it! Tonight's show will be a little different! Tonight we are going to be doing more of an open forum. In other words I'm going to sit back, have a drink and let the studio audience do my job.
J: I can see your rating going up already! (Laughing)
Hannah: (Chuckling) After reading your book, I need a drink and a cigarette!!
(Laughter and cheers from the audience!)
J: That's a good thing! That's the response I was going for.
Hannah: I just have a few quick question, then the floor is all yours.
J: Okay, Yes, no, once, not right now and if I'm bored!
Hannah: Hold on, let me ask the questions. (Laughing) This is still me show!
J: Read your questions to yourself, and see if I answered them in order.
[Audience laughing]
Hannah: ...(grinning) Okay you're right.
J: I'm a writer so I know the questions that are going to be asked. I would ask the same ones. This is what I do.
Hannah: And I can see you are good at what you do.
J: I aim to please and pleasure is my target!
Hannah: (adjusting herself in the chair) I heard stories.
J: What have you heard?
Hannah: (smiling) I'm not one for gossip, but it been said you get around like Tupac.
J: Like Tupac... (Laughing) that's a new one. I have enjoyed myself and have helped a few women enjoy themselves also.
Hannah: (smiling) Enjoy! This is cable so feel free to express yourself in an adult manner!
J: Cool, so I can be myself?
Hannah: We have all read the book so, we know what to expect. The random hook ups, "short stays," the fake names...
J: The fake names were for the protection of whom they were giving to...(laughing)...I didn't want to have to get anyone arrested for stalking.
Hannah: Yeah, you touch on the stalking incident in the book. Would you care to elaborate on that?
J: Well, it's a funny story.
Hannah: Do tell!
J: I was in Atlanta a couple years ago visiting friends and I met an older woman on the plane. We got to talking and hit it off so we decide to keep the conversation moving after we landed.
Hannah: (Laughing) The show is only an hour long.
J: Alright, we went to dinner, hit a club, then back to the hotel to f**k. We kept in contact for a couple of month until she told me she had left her husband and she wanted to be with me. I slammed the brakes quick and had to reinforce the fact that ours was a casual thing.
Hannah: Obviously she didn't take it well.
J: (laughing) Na, shortie went ballistic. Started blaming me for the problems in her marriage and s**t. You have to excuse me if the "hood" slips out! I do have ghetto tendencies.
Hannah: (laughing) It's all good, I'm from the trailer park. Continue.
J: (laughing) So, this grown was women started acting like she was in high school. Started putting me on blast on social media sites. Told her husband all about me and how I took advantage of her at a moment of weakness. It was ugly for about a month but we're friends now.
Hannah: Friends!? How is that even possible?
J: That incident happened years ago. People grow and life moves on. She just got caught up in the moment. I was in my prime and the henny gave a n***a stamina. I was beating it up. (Laughing) Like you said, you heard stories.
Hannah: Yeah, that I have.
J: Honestly, it was the conversations. That is what was missing in her relationship. They had stopped talking to each other. Communication is a key factor in a healthy relationship.
Hannah: (chuckling) So you're a relationship expert now.
J: You've read my book, you know I'm far from that. But I've been through a lot of bad ones so I know what a fucked up one is like!
Hannah: Good point! So, how is your love life going now?
J: It's good. I'm in an open relationship with an amazing woman.
Hannah: Open!?
J: Yeah, open! All relationships are really open. It is up to the individual if they want to step outside of it or not.
Hannah: So it wouldn't bother you if she slept with anyone else.
J: She can sleep with any woman she wants to. Another guy, (laughing) don't talk to me for a few days.
Hannah: That seems kind of selfish...
J: It is what it is. We had an understanding from the door. I like chics who like chicks. If she wants another sick in her she has the option to keep it moving.
Hannah: How many women have the two of you shared?
J: (laughing) Are you trying to be added to the list?
Hannah: (adjusting her posture) On that note, let's take some questions from the audience!
J: (laughing his a*s off) So, no comment?
Hannah: Like I said, to the audience.

© 2013 James Lark

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Added on December 26, 2013
Last Updated on December 26, 2013
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