A Poem by Amit Amola

I dropped from top,

On the slope of umbrella’s knob.

Though my friends took a leap,

And straight away fell on the heath.


I laughed at their witty pace,

As they took a big leap and lost the race.

I thought a lot about the step they did take

And wondered why they made that mistake.


I yawned and moved on,

Feeling sorry for other’s wrong.

Took a slide with full might

On the leathery slope of my flight.


My next stop was a boot

Its colour was pitch black like soot.

But before I could come back from trance

That man just then left his stance.


I just tried on to keep the pace,

And took a grip of boot’s lace.

Though clumsy all it looked

As my pals laughed at my holded hook.


Suddenly my vehicle stopped,

That was probably a hamburger shop.

But as you know I was hanging upon,

So I just fell off my vehicle’s prong.


That lace was probably my last vehicle,

As next I fell in a stream and trickle

There I got mixed with my fellow mates

Who were already coming from ditchy lakes.


And then I went into a pond beyond

Waited and sat still for many a days long.

Waited and waited for Sun to shine bright

So that I could heat up and vaporize.


Then arrived the day of my going home

The place from where I belonged.

Where in a comfy whitish couch I would live

With my brothers and sisters along.


As I left in my vapory state

My friends gave a hue cry of their fate.

Though as a drop they couldn’t weep,

But just imagine they did this deed.


So I went on and just went on

Into the blue sky in my invisible form.

And there I reached and again yawned

As it would take a long time for me to again DROP on.

© 2013 Amit Amola

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Wow! This was fun and descriptive and full of great word choice! Keep up the great work!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Amit Amola

8 Years Ago

Thanks a lot Renee!
Dear Amit Amola


Although I generally start any reviews I write (when not writing myself) with measured words of balanced thought, all I can really say at the outset is, in an unaccustomed for me fashion:


That by way of praise.

1) Style. Well written with rhymes which do not jar but enhance.

2) Emotion elicited? A mix of surprise at life and yet yawning at its banality. Well counterpointed.

3) Content and meaning? Ah now that is where you leave me standing, pondering what you are trying to express about what in your life.

My notions:

Your bio describes how you are still searching for meaning in self and in life. I can feel this running through the poem subtly like through a stick of rock.

How metaphorical of life is this or is it a real event? Or is it both?

Dropped? Dropped from what? From a position of authority, from meaningful to meaningless, from friends to enemies, from work (the black boots and laces) to out of it or back into it ... I could keep this going for ages) or a real fall, perhaps a car accident.

I can see all these elements in it and I imagine there may well be many more.

I have found as a writer (and reader) that an author is often trying to convey a message which the reader will be able to access on one or more levels. But rarely or at all, can the reader gain full entry into the thoughts and meaning of the writer as it is all so personal to them.

Do I mind not gaining access to your full meaning? Not at all. The poem makes me ponder even more. And if you are asking who you are, I then start asking who you are and who I am too.

A happy place for a writer to leave the reader.

I liked this piece very much and would like to read more.

If you ever felt like revealing clues as to its hidden meaning, you are completely entitled to yawn and move on as you say (with a smile).

Intrigued and well written

With my warmest regards


Posted 8 Years Ago

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Amit Amola
Amit Amola

Dehradun, Jolly Grant, India