Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

A Poem by LetMeLoveYou

Can you figure out what this poem is really about? :)

Blind to all around you.
You walk cautiously
Through the door,
Down the stairs.

You feel as though
Someone, somewhere
Is watching.
You know that
No one is there.

Your eyes adjust,
You can see outlines.
The idea that something
Is there.
You can't see the truth.
You can't see if
What you think you see
Is truly there.

Your heart starts to pound,
Your hands are warm and sweaty.
The hair on your neck
Stands on end.

You make your way
Slowly through the room.
Unaware of where you are.
Oblivious to the figure
In the corner of the room.

Standing still for a moment
You've forgotten what you needed.
Turning slowly to leave
This dark, insidious place
You remember what it was
You are searching for.

Out of the corner of you eye
You see the dark outline
Of a figure. You blink.
The figure is gone.

Your mind overloads with
A million unanswered questions.
Was there really something
In the room watching?

You stand still as
These thoughts race.
Adrenalin kicks in.
You're panicking,
Breathing faster,
Driving yourself

 You continue working
Your way quickly through
The dark, empty room.
Looking around frantically,
Your heart pounds so hard
It feels as though your
Chest may burst.

You're in the far corner
Of the unlit room.
You let out a sigh of relief
Once your hand falls
On a flashlight.

You quickly switch it on
And cautiously turn around.
You look around the room
Slowly and carefully.

You examine everything
That is in the room.
There's a loud bang
That came from outside.

You jump and look around
Scared of finding the source
Of such a loud boom.
You take a deep breath
As you remember,
The storm is passing.

The rain pounds on the windows
As a flash of lightning
Quickly brightens the room.

The storm, for which
You were unprepared,
Had made you blind
It had knocked out your ability
To see what is clearly
In front of you.

You didn't believe
In the damage
Just a small storm
Could do.

You had forgotten the obvious.
You can't always see
Whats in front of you.

© 2013 LetMeLoveYou

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Added on January 7, 2013
Last Updated on January 7, 2013
Tags: horror, boom, blind, scared, heart pounding, damage, storm, unprepared, insane, breathing faster, panicking, figure, thoughts, racing



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