You Can't Really See

You Can't Really See

A Poem by LetMeLoveYou

Thought I would try a new style of writing :)


In a forest overgrown with large trees

There were rumors that a man lived in these.

The small town nearby knew of these stories,

But they lived their lives without any worries.

One gloomy day a young boy went missing.

Such things had happened before, concerning

The disappearance of children without

A sign. He was just gone, leaving all to frout.

Little did they know that he was taken

By the man that lived in the woods, forsaken.

This man lived alone, dressed in clothes of black.

He had no face and many feared an attack.

The small town seemed safe, blocked off from all bad,

This man in black many children he had.

He took them from towns that seemed safe and sound,

But no ones safe as long as he’s around.

The townsfolk think he is just a man,

But no one knows that he is not human.

He is a mythical creature who hunts

People down and preys upon their fronts

They appear to be brave but deep down, scared

Out of their minds they are. He is so feared,

People don’t believe the stories of lost

Children never to return because most

Choose to ignore the unseen rather than

Face the daunting reality. This plan

Works well for those unaffected by loss

Those affected feel he is of such dross

That none can stop them from setting him off.

Attempting to banish him seemed to work,

But no one can keep him from him constant lurk.

He seems to be gone and all seems quite well,

But he will be back again I can tell.

Banishing such a creature can never

Go well. He is always watching you.

You may seem safe, but that is not true.

For Slender Man is always watching

You have his attention, he is lurking.

Not everything is what it seems to be

Who someone really is, you just can’t see.


© 2013 LetMeLoveYou

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Added on January 7, 2013
Last Updated on January 7, 2013
Tags: forest, horror, mystery, frout, scary, tale, truth, story, couplets, loss, hurt, slender, man



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