Mama's Boy

Mama's Boy

A Poem by Tilling

    Mama ran off with a hobo,
    said she'd be back in a day.
    Been close four month now,
    daddy's cooking just don't taste the same.
    Daddy I miss my mama: why she have to go?

     Son too I miss your mother;
     know that my tears fall the same.
    One thing thou I promise boy,
     gonna be a family agin some day.
     Im talking bout' your mama: why she ran away,

     Daddy I miss mamas kiss's
     of diet coke and smokes brought home from you.
     Missing mamma standing, that kitchen window
     same time come lunch each day.
     That ol freight train whistle blowing, pulling mamma away.
     I'm talking bout' my mama: out that door she flew

     Son you listen here now;
     gonna be some changes, gonna lose your bed.
     Need you over all them comforts now boy,
     we're gonna ride that steel
     hunting that hobo dead.
     Talking bout' that hobo: where he rest his head.
    Listen to me here now. My daddy,
    he don't play no cards, no game.
    He's the kind'a man mama said
    who liked his diner cooked
    each night the same.
    Talking bout' my daddy: the night he changed my name.

   Son it's hard, I get you're tryin;
   it's cold this steel, where we call home.
   Rest your head son here on my lap;
   calm yourself, pull it together, get composed.
   Boy you know you're too young yet to be out here on your own.
   Talking bout your choices: where I go you also roam.

   Me and daddy riding steel,
   exactly how long I just don't know?
   One thing that is for dam sure,
   each new town our feet hit the ground.
   It's been some time now on these rails.
   Daddy and me: burning every hobo village down.


© 2019 Tilling

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this is wonderfully put together...great story poem...i was involved from the first line to the last...really like the last lines of each stanza...not only as concluding lines, but a separate poem...a poem within a poem.
now i want part 2...i want to know if they found her...

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank you, very kind! : )

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Added on August 10, 2019
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