The Land Server

The Land Server

A Poem by Andrew Payn

A poem about a land laborer and a dilemma he faces. Not my best work, but I was never much of a poet!

The Land Server.
A poem by
Andrew Payn.
The day is long,
and you labour, and work, and fight so hard.
All you search for in life is to be strong,
strength against the setbacks, the scars,
the misguidance and the lies.

So why is it that you are punished so?
you have fulfilled your purpose,
you ask yourself, what more does one do to soften the blow?
to step out of the line of fire. To be certain
that you are in the path of righteousness.

Your family love and adore you so,
as a family does.
But what do you have to do though?
to appease the one person in your life because,
he is one which commands, conquers and defeats.

The one I talk of is quite obviously,
and incomprehensibly,
the overseeing Lord. almost inappropriately,
you salve upon his land, the aesthetics,
of his earth you work upon so.

You worship him,
devote the day given to rest,
to ponder over his works, and to sing a hymn.
and all he gives is the promise of labour, the eternal quest,
and hardship!

Why do you punish yourself so?
surely a benevolent lord,
is a loving lord, that wants to see you grow,
and would rather you lived, and struck a chord,
rather than serve a unseen man!
Andrew Payn. 2012

© 2012 Andrew Payn

Author's Note

Andrew Payn
Please remember I am not a poet!

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Added on August 21, 2012
Last Updated on September 10, 2012
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Andrew Payn
Andrew Payn

Leeds/Bradford, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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