Proceeding Passion

Proceeding Passion

A Chapter by Andrez Cervantes

Dear Reader,

It starts off with a sound, multiple sounds...acoustics. Hums and beautiful lines of sheet music coming to life. A soft piano playing, bouncing off these white walls like it was full of spirit...yet weightless.

The steam rose from the tiled floor. The air was thick and heavy but oh so easy to breath.

Then you appear.

The water drips from your body, running down your silky skin...bringing a new luminous shine to you. Your arms rapped around you, your back towards me and now I too am with you. The piano still soft. The steam still rising. The water still graciously keeping you from me.

I need this moment.

My eyes glisten at this sight of you. I can't help but look and stare...

Your head turns.

Our eyes meet.

The water becomes silent. The steam becomes boneless. The piano fades and all thats left is the sound of your breath, your voice, your moans.

I can't help but touch. I want to see you, hold you; feel    you. Your warmth adds to the inducing  environment.

Feeling the air move in and out of your chest. Watching the water fall from your body I hearing the piano once more; you are in my arms. I can't help but kiss you. Passionately...slowly...wetly...kiss     your     neck.

My hands move. Painting you in my mind. All I can feel is you. Moving from your thigh to your hip, my hands, they sing. Desiring more they begin to turn. Twist and Drag across your stomach venturing to your chest. The steam gets heavier. The breaths begin to deepen.

 They reach your thick lips. Exposing there true nature. Lusting for you. They move on. Hurting at the will to proceed yet craving the beautiful enigma that is you.

They move on...

© 2014 Andrez Cervantes

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Added on February 19, 2014
Last Updated on March 6, 2014
Tags: Beauty, talking, deep thoughts, expression, self, experience, downfall, loathing, inspiration, help, come in


Andrez Cervantes
Andrez Cervantes

A Fool trying to find his way through this maze; Mind wide open. A great deal of metaphoric syntax is used when creating these combinations of letters and mindful sounds. So, will you take an adventu.. more..

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