A Poem by Nosce Te Ipsum

there is a vase that sits in the corner of my living room between the couch and the bookcase. the couch is pulled out flat with massive amounts of paper strewn upon it. the paper contains more creativity than you will ever possess. the bookcase is full of more creativity than what lies on the couch, oh how i wish i could force myself into the minds of these artists and retrieve every ounce of knowledge that they possess, for i could rule the world with that. it is white with marks on the side that look like layers of paper ripped apart, transparent and the color of sea glass, a beautiful teal, not the common answer to the question of a favorite color, which is lovely. it is three inches wide at the bottom and tapers roundly into a one inch circle of glass. there is a notch around the mouth a half inch from the top. the vase contains an interesting assortment of objects revolved around feathers. there are three feathers that resemble peacock feathers. they are bone colored and the tallest of the assortment. one is very average, a medium color, a medium height, and the cliched depiction of a feather if feathers can be cliche, though that is becoming very prevalent in society today. the second of the three is two inches taller than the cliche one. it is lighter in color and the traditional look of a feather where the smaller feathers begin to come together in a rounded oval is not symmetrical. the third of these feathers is a darker tan with lighter, though not as light as the other two rounded shapes in the oval. it is the largest of the three and sticks out like a beautiful sore thumb that is meant to be placed there. one foot shorter than these three feathers are two rounded balls, one three inches in diameter and the other one inch. they are shaped with feathers of multiple shades, bone, tan, brown, and almost black. the decorating shapes on these feathers are not quite lines, yet not quite ovals either. the blackish color seems to be fully surrounded by the brown and then the bone color is sporadically filling in the gaps. the larger ball sits almost directly on top of the smaller one in height but they are both on seperate green stems. lastly, there are feathers that look like they were pulled from a bird. there are three of these, each a different height and with slightly different patterns on them. the base color is a charcoal brown with black slashes down the sides like rings in a notebook. these black slashes are surrounded by a lighter tan color where every single one of these objects comes together and meets at the mouth of the vase, there is a baby feather. it is very poufy and reminds me of something that would fall out of a baby duck while it is maturing. it is a medium brown color and each small feather in it flits with every small movement of air. it fills in the mouth of the vase and seems to hold the rest of the feathers together.

© 2011 Nosce Te Ipsum

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Added on September 14, 2011
Last Updated on September 14, 2011


Nosce Te Ipsum
Nosce Te Ipsum


Honestly, I simply write for myself. I'm not big on the technicalities. I do it to keep myself sane because generally there is no other way to release my emotions. I will be thrilled and overjoyed if .. more..

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A Poem by Nosce Te Ipsum

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A Poem by Nosce Te Ipsum