A Poem by Nosce Te Ipsum

i am so securely positive

that there are dead people in my house.

there are flies that buzz around

as if they have secret plans,

plans that are dirty and deceiving.

they never die,

and when they land on things,

they are not easily scared away.

they have a purpose and determination

that is obscenely disturbing.

there are noises that constantly sound

for no appearant reason.

shadows are lurking

and presences come forth.

i am so securely positive

that they are here for me.

they are concerned with me

and my wellbeing

and wish to assist myself

in any possible way.

whether the way be understood

and have purpose or not,

they tug at my soul

and ask me questions

but i do not know how

to answer these questions.

all i know how to do

is simply be and let them be.

© 2011 Nosce Te Ipsum

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Added on September 14, 2011
Last Updated on September 14, 2011


Nosce Te Ipsum
Nosce Te Ipsum


Honestly, I simply write for myself. I'm not big on the technicalities. I do it to keep myself sane because generally there is no other way to release my emotions. I will be thrilled and overjoyed if .. more..

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A Poem by Nosce Te Ipsum

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A Poem by Nosce Te Ipsum