A Chapter by Starrbitt

~Starrs POV~

If walking up my crushes front steps was giving me a heart attack, I couldn't imagine what was going to happen when I finally made my move on him. Probably die.
    "So what's Louis supposed to be wearing again," Selika asks me, her sparkling mask almost blinding me under the porch light. She was dressed up as a witch; short black dress, holy leggings, and red high heels, her dirty blonde hair topped with a crooked witch hat. Her mask covered most of her face, lime green, covered in sparkles. They made her pale blue eyes look even paler against the mask.
    I was on the other hand dressed as a vampiress to go along with Zayns vampire costume. I was wearing a long plain grey dress, flat, with black gloves. My red hair was in curls, tumbling down my back, in sharp contrast against my dress and my mask was a pale white, lips blood red and potruding with fangs.
    "He said he was dressing up as a vamp too," I say as the front door opens and an astronaut appeared in the doorway. I took one look at Harry and held in the urge to laugh. "Harry, you DO know that we can see through your helmet, right?"
    Harry gives me a conceded smile and leans against the door frame. "I thought that no one would know who I was if my body was covered," he winks. "But obviously my face is just as great."
    Selika snickered into her hand, nails long and painted a blood red, "Um, funny, but no."
    I laughed along with her, watching people behind Harry walk around in costumes and masks, some dancing to Halloween music. Harry side steps to get into my vision and glares, "I don't have to let you guys in."
    Selika and I both shrug at the same time, Selika taking a step into the house anyway. "But you will."
    Harry gives her a flirtatious smile, "How can you be so sure?"
    "Because this is my party," Zayn says from behind him, full out in vampire cloak and everything. 
    My heart skips a beat at the sight of him.

~Zayns POV~

She looked beautiful. I could tell she was Starr because of her curls. She was the only girl I knew with such red curls, shining under any amount of lighting. "You look beautiful," I say and smile at her from behind my big white vampire mask. 
    "And so do you," Louis says from beside me, taking in full inventory of Selika. Usually I try to keep my cool. Try to be the rocker bad boy that I am but whenever Starrs around, my facade falls away. She's the only one who had that effect on me and sometimes I hate it because it makes me clumsy.
    Starr looks up into my eyes and smirks, knowing who I was. "How are you today Zayn?" 
    I move Harry to the side and Harry glares. "I know when I'm not wanted," and walks off. He went over to some girl dancing and started dancing with her. I personally thought he looked stupid. Astronaut? Who does that?
    "I feel a little better now that you're here," I reply finally and gulp back my nervousness. 
   Louis reaches for Selikas hand and she takes it. "I knew I was going to be whisked away by a tall dark stranger tonight," she says to Starr as she walks off with him.
 Starr giggles in that cute way she does, scrunching up her nose and her eyes glittering when she looks up at me. "So? Are we going to dance or what?"

~Liams POV~

I watched Zayn take Starrs hand and lead her to the middle of the room where most people were dancing. Jealousy struck me, the way she was looking at him hurt. I just don't understand why she would want to be with him instead of me. They're not even a good match.
    I stand by the punch bowl, dipping a cup into it and turning my back to them. I sip the punch, lick my lips, taste the alcoholic spike laced inside. I don't care how drunk I get, maybe it'll take away the pain. Sipping some more, Harry comes to my side in his astronaut costume. "I can't believe you didn't dress up."
    I shrugged and tipped the cup higher, the contents spilling down my chin. 
    Harry gaped, shaking his head. "Take it easy. Louis poured so much in there, it could get a cow drunk in one sip."
    Like I said, I don't care. I shrug again and see Louis taking Selika over to us, Louis holding her hand. "Want some punch?"
    Selika looked at him with a quirk of her eyebrow, "Did you spike it?"
    She shrugs too and grabs a cup. "Okay well then, I'll take it."
    And she sips from it happily, not caring when Louis takes it from her and sips out of it too.
    Tonight was going to be fun.

© 2013 Starrbitt

Author's Note

Tell me what you guys think, okay. Good or bad criticism allowed and taken seriously :) thank you

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