In the Begining

In the Begining

A Chapter by Starrbitt

   He never meant to be a monster yet there he was sitting on dead oak leaves and sticks, a girl lifeless in his arms. All he remembers was the pain boiling in his blood, scratching at his gums, and thickening on his tongue. He remembers needing it to stop and how the girls fear promised that, promised the end of his pain. How selfish he felt for bringing this girls life to an abrupt end.


   He stares down at her as her sapphire irises stare up towards the sky in a blank look. She was now peaceful even with a dark opening slashed across her neck, even with her insides torn and her hair tangled wildily. He guesses this was a good way to die; in the woods where no one can shame her and where the sky had stars and a perfectly round moon. Perhaps she was happy with this arrangement. But when he averts his gaze to his hands and the blood on them, he knows she wasn't.


    An icy breeze lifts her matted hair and blows an almost stale scent through the wind. Meals only smelled their best alive and breathing. Once their dead, there's nothing to smell but spilled blood mixed in dirt.


    He gathers the collar of her green dress, wiping his fingers off with the soft fabric. It was a rather fine cloth, exspensive. She was a beautiful and one who will surely be missed. The thought of her family sobbing was ridiculous. There was no need to think about it.


    The green stained quickly as his fingers got cleaner. Bord, he traces the arch of her eyebrows with his gaze, following the small of her nose and the curve of her lips. Everything about her was defined, beautiful and dangerous like the most carefully made sword. Sharp to the point but brilliantly scuplted at the hilt.


    Suddenly he wishes he could apologize thoush she's dead, the vulnerability in her catching a loose end in him.


    He tears his eyes away and examines the skin of his palms. Stainless.He turns them over and sees that the back of his hands are stainless as well. Now it was timed to dispose the body.Not in fear that somebody will catch him, they never do, but in fear that they will figure out who he is and what lives among them.


    He puts one arm beneath her bare shoulders to support the neck and the other beneath the back of her knees. Holding her close he stands without loosing balance and checks his surroundings. No one was near except a few birds and insects. They were nothing to worry about.


    Way out in the woods he heard the trickle of a stream and decided it was the best he could do for here. The only other place he could hide her was in a hollow tree but in his head the position looked uncomfortable. He took off running towrds the stream, his own golden hair whipping like crazy behind him. A loud whistle rang in his ears as he sped up but his vision stayed clear. The stream was getting closer. When his shoes began squishing against mud, he slowed himself down. The scent of earth and worms floating around in waterbecame heavy.


    He glanced quickly at her while stting her at the edge of the rivers bank. Before he could make himself her out any further, she laid half-in and half-out, he pressed his lips to the side of her neck. His fangs were still sharp and sunk into the already gaping flesh. Then he pushed her gently and she gave way, floating helplessly as she went towards the middle. He didn't feel like sitting there to watch her sink to the bottom so instead he left, licking the remains of her off his mouth. He wanted more from the girl, hungered for seconds personally from her but he knows that she has none left.


    He's already taken everything from her. Blood. Breath. Life. It's a hard thing to live with sometimes, ruined lives heavy on your shoulders but you can't take it back.


    He shakes his head and scratches his chin in thought. Stubble grazes his fingertips. Why is it that I suddenly want to go back?


   Even though it was hard he didn't turn around to the sound of air bubbles reaching a streams surface.


© 2012 Starrbitt

Author's Note

Review please! Would love help with grammar problems this time. Thx

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A very good chapter. I like the thoughts of the man to revive the girl and apology. I like the internal thoughts and the desire to go back? You have my attention with the powerful opening chapter. Thank you for the excellent chapter.

Posted 9 Years Ago

:) i like it

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

That was amazing... The first paragraph amazed me, It was so descriptive in such a way that I haven't ever seen before!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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