Story Of My Life

Story Of My Life

A Poem by Ashley Marie

I'm never allowed to go outside my mom would rather me stay home all the time I just want to be a normal teenager and hangout with all my friends I've lost people because I wasn't able to see them


I hurt deep inside but many dont know 


I still cry sometimes but dont let it show


No matter how happy you are you still get depressed


U kno how it feels when u dont wanna get up to get dressed


The bad thing is theres only a few things that make me happy


My boyfriend my friends everything else is pretty crappy 


I have only one best friend that I get to see


Even with that one friend she barley sees me


Its not that I'm lazy and dont wanna go out


But I have an overprotective mom that likes to shout


I dont see my sisters seems like family's not really there


Friends say there here for u but when u need help they dont really care


My brother doesn't understand how his words affect me the way that they do


I know he says it out of anger but sumtimes it feels like a knife that cuts through


I've never really had a dad the person that was closest to one is gone


You feel its your fault but its not,I haven't seen him in so long


I have found more then one friend that lies and back-stabs


You know what I hope the same happens to u and you get crabs :b


Just kidding everyone makes mistakes its human no matter how wrong


But its hard to stay strong when you have been for so long


I've dropped the people I needed to yea it was a hard thing to do


But I cant deal with the lies and backstabbing so your now friends I once knew


Miss my old friends moving alot is hard trying to keep connections with ppl u cant see


But I guess the past is the past and that's were memories are meant to be


Why is it when I was little I had more freedom then I do now


I don't do half the things others do but I still get accused of


I feel like I'm a prisoner but not in bars trapped in my own home


Seems like while everybody else is out having fun I sit here all alone

I'm never allowed to go out I feel like Cinderella

Seems like I'm trapped just like Cruelella 


I've shed so many tears I still have the stains on my face


But there invisible you wont see them not even a trace


It's amazing how much a person can hide inside 


You judge them not knowing what they've been through, taking away their pride


Its not that I'm complaining I'm just expressing myself you see


Sometimes a soul needs to explain themselves and set their heart free


If you dont your'e emotions are just going to bottle up 


One of these days you wont be able to take it you'll blow up

© 2012 Ashley Marie

Author's Note

Ashley Marie
ignore the grammar and spelling please

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great work!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on April 23, 2012
Last Updated on April 23, 2012
Tags: Stuck, Depression, crappy life, trapped in the house, can't be myself


Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie


I'm sort of a beginner in all this I'm looking forward to improving my talents as a writer more..