Not a Love Bite

Not a Love Bite

A Chapter by Rose

There is no love in this bite. No love will come by nagging.


I love him,

With all my heart

I really want to give up everything

But I cannot give up,

Being a vampire

It's a curse

I am cursed for life!

I am like a monster at night

My lover carries a knife


I commanded him to blind it,

Underneath his pillow

He says he feels like a widow

His life is empty

I cannot come out,

In the sunlight

He calls me dead

Then he see's me,

Awake at night


I wish I could hear,
His thoughts through the day
Instead I cannot be awake
I have to sleep deeply,
In my coffin
One night I requested to hear,
From his heart and his mind
He could not bury it from me


Well he could not any longer
He confessed to me
That he hungers to be a vampire
I stand in shock
I would hate him,
For taking away his well-beloved life
To be a hideous monster like me
I am a murderer


I suck the beauty of the innocent
I kill them in their sleep
So they do not open their eyes
To the light and day,
Of their dreadful killing life
I have never touched him
The knife was his saviour
To protect him from me

He will not be able to cope,
Through the agony of the bite
It will hurt me,
To see him cry
It's not that great to be me
But he insisted,
He begged,
He went onto his knees


Oh please, oh please
He repeated and screamed
He was not going to give up
He grabbed hold,
Of my moving feet
Strongly glued me to the ground
He became annoying
He continued to nag

As the night went quick
I had not drunk,
A thing, not a drop of blood
My eyes sobbed
He has made me suffer
He refused to use the knife
I was losing control
Longing for a bite


I could not bare,
To sleep another day
Without a drink
My teeth sunk,
My teeth sunk into him
After mouthfuls
I stopped in shock
Then I realized what I had done...









© 2012 Rose

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This is a good read but a little hard to follow. This is a very common subject. You did put your own twist to it that made it interesting. I think that it would be better to have all the writing on one side of the page unless it is maybe two different minds or two different people speaking. I liked it though just could use some polishing, then I think I may love it.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Wow, very epic! This was a really enjoyable read! I liked the third sranza in the non bold section.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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