A Chapter by Rose

Sometimes it cheers me up to cheer someone else up


Why are you upset, clown?


I think you’re funny

Let me put an end

To all your worries


At every minute

And every second

Of my life

I smile and laugh at you

It makes me love you

With all my heart,

I'm so happy

And proud that I have met you,


Your jokes are so funny

Listening to them

Makes me laugh and choke


I admire your colourful costume,

Your make-up is so stunning,


You make me feel,

I should go to a party

So you can hold my hand,

And take me to the dance floor


You don't need to command and demand,

I will go to the wild party


You have welcomed

Laughter into my life

I thank you so much for it


You’re unforgettable,

I will love you,

And treat you always,




© 2012 Rose

Author's Note

This is my conversation with my clown. I have now turned it into a poem. Enjoy and please try to imagine this as a conversation between me and the clown

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This is wonderful. I could feel the happiness in it, as it made me smile while reading. We all have those things that blow the dark clouds aside in our lives, and this piece had a nice breeze in it today. : >)

Posted 9 Years Ago

amazing. it made me smile today, so i thank you and keep up the work.

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is awesome sweet!
Interesting poem! A clever one too - cherring people up is a cool thing to do lol

Posted 9 Years Ago

Nice. It's good to laugh when the darkness comes in close.

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is very creative. Well done.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I very interesting poem. The author note assistance me with the understanding of the poem. You are right. We need to laugh and be content. Too much pain around us already. A outstanding poem. Thank you.

Posted 9 Years Ago

You did a nice job here converting the conversation into a poem. The flow is good, the words sincere. The three lines at the beginning, "I think you're funny" etc. are very well said. There's just one word in the poem that I feel should be changed; it is out of place, too rough, conveying the wrong image: "Choke". Otherwise, good write.

Posted 9 Years Ago

... Fantastic job, really. Very well written, vivid. Incredible really. but personally clowns freak me out... I don't them at all.
But overall it was so very cute

"It makes me love you

With all my heart,

I'm so happy

And proud that I have met you,"
Those lines really said something to me, really, really cute.
Bravo, fantastically written. :D

Posted 9 Years Ago

hmm title said it all to me. Clowns creep me out. You did a great job thought. It was not hard to imagine the scene.

Posted 9 Years Ago

A one-way conversation... I wonder how it would shape up if the clown answered (as a set of indented stanzas, perhaps). As it stands, there is a bit too much repetition in the stanzas to suit my taste, but the thought and creativity is refreshing - I hope the clown appreciates your effort. :-)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on August 16, 2010
Last Updated on June 28, 2012
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