see dick see jane

see dick see jane

A Poem by keith moncus

welkum 2 merika ya'll

see dick see jane

see dick 
see jane
see spot their dog
see jane run
run from the demons of color
that have the unmitigated audasity
to invade 
her neighborhood
her world
just cuz the gate ain't closed
don't mean you can com on in!
jane is now karen
a gun totin god fearin 
trump lovin b***h
see dick 
see dick run
see dick run for his gun
see dick run for his gun cauuze 
a man of color 
that ni***r son b***h
is running thru 
his gated community
he kant run in here
in front of my wife
in front of my house
see spot
see spot growl
at the man of color
spot is now adolf
adolf is a doberman
he don't like kats
he don't like nobody 
but dik and karen
dik is now ken
dikken karen & adolf
sittin high on the hill
shitin n high cotton
of white society
of white community
of white privledge
dikken is kalled before the court
he sez he was protecing his property
sez his home iz his castle
it a fukin doublewide a*s hat
but itz his castle
he sez his wife was scred ta deth
them coloreds were there to harm em
adolf hid under hiz masters chair
dikken and karens preacherman
taught god created man
in his image ... cept for dem coloreds
dem coloreds are bringin disease bringin drugs
they are here to rape
rape our karens our children
we must keep our knee 
upon their neck
every chance we get
we are white
we are right
you are black
you better step back
if you're brown
well ... uh uh go back to mexico
or where ever you're from
let's all join hands
sez the preacherman
let us sing god bless amerika
white merika
and remain standing
our pledge of alligence
bubba start uz off ...
with liberty and justice for all
welkum 2 merika ya'll

© 2022 keith moncus

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Added on May 10, 2022
Last Updated on May 10, 2022


keith moncus
keith moncus

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