O U R K U N T R Y !

O U R K U N T R Y !

A Poem by keith moncus

kan u heer me NOW!

O U R K U N T R Y !

HEY! you workin the polls again?
certainly am
THEY gonna let republicans vote?
anyone that is registered can vote
They don't like us becuz we voted trump IN!
MY life WUZ better BEFORE that biden
he DONE destroyed thiz kuntry
he got everybody MAD at uz
i teell ya ... 
TRUMP dont take no krap!
that biden HAS opened
the doors of MERIKA
to da world!
we AIN"T got no CHEAP gaz
THAT'S what that biden did!
WE gotta walk tippeee toe
kuz weer WHITE!
they want to SHAME uz cause weer 


we aiiiiint gonna take it
NO more
this here IZ our kuntry
ya heer dat?


O U R   K U N T R Y !

© 2022 keith moncus

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That is exactly the problem with a small segment of our country. They live the mantra of "Manifest Destiny". The taking of land that is not and will never be theirs. Interlopers who believe God has ordained their right to take what doesn't belong to them, while enslaving others and treating them inferior. These same people that believe without a doubt Jesus was white with blue eyes. Trump and his ilk played to their fears with his talk of blaming those of color for their problems in society. The taking of their jobs, their women, and culture. All based on the pernicious idea of "the great replacement theory". A false untruth that minorities are to blame for euro Caucasians failures in difficult economic times. When in reality it is the rich using their gullibility and ignorance against them to keep their minds occupied while they steal them blind of what little they have left. Billionaires like Musk would rather spend vast fortunes on social media programs that disperse false information and vile rhetoric into our communities than actually using the money to end poverty within our country. Yet, every time these people continue to vote against their own self interests because of their ignorant hateful views that everything that is wrong with them is the fault of "others" and not them. The truth is out there in front of their eyes but they don't see it because of the hate in their heart.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

keith moncus

2 Weeks Ago

there are a*s hats everywhere
gotta take a stand and remind them everyday that their way is w.. read more

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Added on May 10, 2022
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keith moncus
keith moncus

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