love hate

love hate

A Poem by keith moncus

sad sader sadest

love hate    sad sader sadest

5 part series of love gone bad

why do we tend the weeds

how had i forgotten your touch so wrong
the times we cared not for other than our self?
when did the fires flicker and just go away
and cause the pain we gave to each other?
how did we tell lie together as one became 
two and then another and yet another?
where do we go from here to wash away
the sins we had sung to each other?
how had we become so petty and lost
in a war of words that cut so very very deep?
where do we now go to find the ease
we once knew and rescue that which is left?
how do we ask forgiveness from the one we once loved
in order to save face so we can see beyond tomorrow?
how can we deceive our self in a blameless guilt 
when we know this has run it's course?
why do we tend the weeds of deception
just so we can continue to say even if not true
i love you?

no winner

it has been some time since we last spoke
more than a nod of the head or a shrug of the shoulder
how is it we continue to play this destructive game
when we both know there will be no winner

we knew it was but a lie

we knew it was but a lie 
when we both said i love you
as we carried on this masquerade of a dance 
not knowing the next move.
we twirled each other about 
in a whirlwind of deceit and pain
yet both refused to sit this one out 
as there was nothing left to save or salvage.
we were addicted to an idea 
of belonging to each other
rather than not playing this sick game 
we thought we needed.
we are blinded by lack of sensibility 
as we continued to punish each other
until there was nothing left but a void
that hate and anger eagerly waited to fill.
we had become that which we feared the most 
a casualty of our own making 
that knew no quarter and asked for none.

you asked of me

you asked me if i knew what i was doing
when i lied to gain control
you showed hesitation as you knew
i was but deceiving for my greedy gain
you were a willing victim and i wanted you so
and in a face of false bravado you cried out
please please don't do this to me
but i paid you no mind for i was selfish
only caring about my needs not your wants
and then you left me in triumphant victory
escaping my heavy hand that choked your very being
you stood tall and became as you are today
strong confident and on your own 
for the first time in your life
and i went in search for another.

i had earned

i saw you off to the side as you took careful aim
before squeezing tight that trigger.
i saw the flash and felt the burn as the sound 
made captive what sense there was left.
there was no pain as it was swift and final.
you had made the choice to stop me at all costs.
i had beaten your soul and tossed it aside
as i continued the abuse i demanded unto thee.
and each time you fell further and further away 
from the warmth of the day that held the truth
that you were undeserving of such indignity.
and i had earned nothing less than what you finally gave.

© 2022 keith moncus

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keith moncus

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Added on May 11, 2022
Last Updated on May 11, 2022


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keith moncus

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