hurrah hurrah

hurrah hurrah

A Poem by keith

the ants go marching ...

hurrah hurrah

the racists begin to fall
hurrah hurrah
the racist fuks begin to fail
hurrah hurrah
the little white racist b***h marge 
stops to say i can win large
hey boebert can i borrow a gun
this insurrection s**t
ain't no fun

fat fuk donnie
is doomed to fail
hurrah hurrah
his children
ivanka junior and dwiddle dee
will not be able to sell
their crap no more
hurrah hurrah

there's the b*****d child of wife # 2
and his snarky b***h wife 
not so smart who knew
who gives a flyin fuk about child 5
hurrah hurrah

and they all go marching down
into the ground
where the devil waits
ain't no such thang
as pearly gates
the sins don played
guarantee he won't get laid
ever again
boom! boom! boom!

the far right goes ranting 
replacement theory conspiracy 
assumption hail mary pass # 992
dumb fuks keep marching
they have no clue
why keep voting if it's so bad
here's a fuking hankie
oh it's so sad
they keep marching down 
into the hole they have dug
maga caps t shirts covfefe mug

is there no low
the gop will not go
this is not a no rhyme needed
stupid question
they keep coming like ants
scattering fast as they can
when the truth light turns on
like cockroaches they are
fuking cockroaches

this country is it doomed to fail
will president fake tan go to jail
will lindsey and kevin even mitch too
keep fighting for you know who
pushing and shoving
for sacred place upon his lap
who survives the fatal nap
we could get lucky who knows
sleep deep my pretties

the smart the fair
the ones of character 
ones of resolve
will trug along slowly
continue to evolve

while they 
keep marching down 
into the ground
to get out of the 
i'm melting rain
hurrah hurrah

hurrah fuking hurrah

© 2022 keith

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Added on May 18, 2022
Last Updated on May 18, 2022



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