vlad & wanda #4

vlad & wanda #4

A Chapter by keith

life is temporary

vlad & wanda #4

another sleepless night with unrelenting noise, ground shaking destruction.

'how can there be anything left to blow up?
my back and neck are killing me, i really miss my posturepedic and my kat!'

'you have a kat?'

'of course i do, a feral one-eyed kitten that adopted me ... thought about naming her 'eagle eye'!'

'you are one sick puppy mr. vlad.

so what is her name?'

'kit kat'

'really? btw what is your last name?'


'no really, what is your real name?'

'jones. my father american and my mother ukrainian. 
they decided i should be raised here.'

'you never cease to amaze me mr. jones!'

'i need to go look for another shelter for us.
this one suks and is not that safe anymore.
you stay here, it's too dangerous out there.
stay here ... be safe.'

'ok. can you find one with a hot tub? HA! ... funny huh?'

'what a krazy child you are, i'll be back.'

'vlad? i want to talk about the rape when you get back. i trust you.'


© 2022 keith

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Added on June 22, 2022
Last Updated on June 22, 2022



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