vlad & wanda #3

vlad & wanda #3

A Chapter by keith

realities of war

vlad & wanda #3

look long look hard
'here, drink this'

'morning vlad. what is this?

'soup, chicken soup. 
a family from the country came early this morn 
bringing jugs and buckets of soup for us, 
the survivors of last nights bombing'

'it was soooo loud and horrifying ... i did not know if we would survive.
i did not sleep until i could not stay awake any longer.
this, this thing brought upon us is like, 
like nothing i have ever seen! 
i am lucky you found me!'

'it was very bad and deadly. 
many neighborhoods were leveled to rubble.
nothing left but pieces. 
at times it felt and sounded as if the hails of hell broke loose.
raining death ever loud.
we are very fortunate to be here wanda.
even amongst this, 
this ugly portrait of man displaying itself so ... so devastatingly, 
there is hope we make it out alive.
i do not know if any will make it out alive.'

'you are a wise and foolish old man vlad! 
you took me in from the streets of danger saving my life. 
you are a good man sir vlad.'

'drink up my fair maiden, we need to leave this horrid mess behind
before the vultures show the hungers of their wait.'

© 2022 keith

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Added on June 22, 2022
Last Updated on June 22, 2022



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