vlad & wanda #2

vlad & wanda #2

A Chapter by keith


vlad & wanda #2

'what the fuk?'
'my home, my family albums, 'my, my, my life! my identity'
what do i do now vlad?
i have nothing, nothing but memories.'

'that could be a blessing. now you don't have to pay someone to move your s**t somewhere else, HA!'

'you are such an A*S vlad.
but are the only friend i have. everyone else is gone or dead
my cousin and her 3 month old baby were crushed when her building collapsed.
they bombed it at 2 am, most were asleep!'

'i do not know what to say.'

'there is really nothing to say, just being here helps.
that lady with the baby in the shelter last night has been carrying her dead baby for two days.
she said they are gonna bury her today. she told others she needed some more time just holding her.
vlad you look shocked. there is nothing to say. she was doing what she needed to do!'

'and you dear girl, how are you doing? about ... you know the ahhhh.'

'what those fuking russians raping me like a b***h dog? those mutherfukers that took a part of me and threw it over their shoulders? those fukers?
i'm doing ok but i'm not ready to, to say it. don't ask cause i won't tell. when the time comes, it will be time. until then ssssshhhhhhhhh. please? 
just be here ...  just be here'

'i guess we better get back to the shelter. it's about time for the mid-day fireworks!'

VLAD! what the heeeell?'

'it's how i deal with this s**t. i will never forget or forgive that sorry A*S.
he has tried to wipe us out. wipe this country into only a memory. it doesn't matter there will be nothing left to claim as prize. only blown up ... pieces.
come this way wanda, time to get sheltered!'

© 2022 keith

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Added on June 22, 2022
Last Updated on June 22, 2022



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