vlad & wanda #1

vlad & wanda #1

A Chapter by keith

realities of war



vlad & wanda

welcome to vlad & wanda

a cartoonish contribution with political comments, satire and perhaps a learning process for all

this is vlad, a rogue russian soldier caught up in putin's nazi remoal
he knows it is all bullshit and has refused to support it's efforts

this is wanda, a wronged woman
she was kidnapped and raped by russian soldiers when they occupied her village

vlad reached out to her and she saw the earnest effort as lifesaving

there will be moments of comedy, moments of pure terror
moments of silence and moments of all hell breaking loose

as for me, i will attempt to keep this running dialog within reason and hopefully between the ditches

so with that our series begins

'what can we do vlad? i am so miserably scared. i can't think straight! when is this going to end? i can't take the horrid sounds of death raining down on us, what can we do?'
'dear girl, i am as confused as you. this is insanity. i have no idea how this will end but know, i will keep you safe! it is the least i can do.'
'here, have a shot of wadka ... it will dull the pains and let you get a little rest. i will watch out for you'
'i've never been one for drinking, but this is as good a time to start'
'i sure could chow down on a cheeseburger and fries. how about you vlad? hungry?'

to be continued ...

© 2022 keith

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Added on June 22, 2022
Last Updated on June 22, 2022



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