liar liar lies

liar liar lies

A Poem by keith

howmuchtruer coulditbe?

liar liar lies

every two years
sour winds blow 
snowball's chance in hell
to infinity and beyond
same ole song
tap and dance
same sorry i didn't know
oh its good to meet ya
hows the mrs
parking lots less full
the online carpetbaggers
are having a heyday
the ex is always 
so fukin full of surprises
not the kind of a really or two
but the kind that insults 
our intelligence
he asked
what have you got to lose
how about 
freedom and democracy
ya bought right into it
hook line and sinker
yeah i'll give it to ya
gas at the pumps 
does suck
but it still carries
our lazy asses
20 miles per gallon or so
a one-dollar stamp
would still carry
your birthday card
from mama and popsy
you know
the ones that always
without fail
have a five-dollar bill
carry it
across this country
from sea
to shining sea
no excuses 
we are now part of
the real world
life aint cheap
thrown about 
like dirty dish towels
all the promises 
never came true
only a little sweeter
we should know by now
no one
not even an honest abe
speaks truth
i'll do this i'll do that
they don't give a damn
about you
in fact they never did
promises promises
lies lies lies
will it ever end
the day it stops paying
more than minimum wage
is the day it all comes to an end
liars ... liars ... liars
sounds like a 2A high school

'liars liars we are the liars
don't like us ... too damn bad
we still don't like you ... boo hoo!'

liars one and all



© 2022 keith

Author's Note

bang it out boys and girls
say something do something
don't wait for someone else
to do it for you

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Added on August 14, 2022
Last Updated on August 14, 2022



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who i am, what i be ... i write about that from which many shy. i am not afraid. i know the costs of living life for all it's worth. i am but complicatedly simple. i sing the words of no fear and ce.. more..

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