the jokes on you

the jokes on you

A Poem by keith

this is all there is ...

the jokes on you

'Where is death...when needed'
hangin with his twin shadow
always there seldom seen 
close at foot only a thought away
death does not ride the dark horse
it slumbers away the hours 
until the moment arrives
the gatekeeper if you will
denier of paradise
prerequisite of eternal life
the jokes on you ... this is all there is

the sad stories 
the old wives' tales
wishbones garlic bulbs
a sainted medallion
vacation bible school
all for naught
heaven and hell are man words
never met one that has been to either
scare tactics flowered promises
don't matter
the jokes on you ... this is all there is

death doesn't hide
look around
it is everywhere
24/7 each and every minute
seconds do not escape its grasp
death is everywhere
masquerading as whom it cares to pretend
the shadow knows
the jokes on you ... this is all there is

fear it not for the circle will not be broken
life death same coin
opposite side
we live we die
dress it up call it salvation
dare it when the alcohol fuels bravery
giving false sense of well being
it doesn't matter
the jokes on you ... this is all there is

really folks ... this is all there fuking is
death does not ride a dark horse
it rides the shadow of sin
the guilts prescribed
an illusion of choice
death lives within
waiting for opportune moment
gatekeeper of denial
the jokes on you ... we all die
everybody earns 
a toe tag

this is ... all there is 

© 2022 keith

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Added on September 30, 2022
Last Updated on November 9, 2022



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