A Story by mark slade

I start to panic. Scream, curse. Kick the seat in front of me. Try as hard as I can to set myself free.


           They  move in drones, single file like cattle to be butchered.

I followed them, these people on the street, walking in slow motion toward movie theater.
Each one with their blank stare, feeble minded, awaiting their next command by a higher control. Feelings are harvested as well as thoughts and ground into pillars of salt to be carried by the wind into the next void.

           At the ticket booth, no tickets are purchased. You show them your wrist and they tag you with irrelevant numbers. You are given a special pair of glasses by the usher. The lens on the glasses are blacked out, but no matter. You step onto a conveyer belt and taken to your seat, where you are strapped in.

          Mere minutes late, the film starts.

          The scenes move so quickly, your not sure what your seeing. The dark glasses reflect smaller scenes inside the ones that are already taken in by your brainwaves.

           The music is pulsating, your heart throbs, your ears deafen into a single white noise. Then you really start to focus.

          A woman kisses a man. Then begins eating the man's head, regurgitates him into several smaller beings that soon drill tiny holes into her bruised face. A white cloud rolls by, and a booming voice tells you the laws that humans are really suppose to abide by.

           Seen, not heard.

            I start to panic. Scream, curse. Kick the seat in front of me. Try as hard as I can to set myself free.

            The Ushers appear. Three of them with large talon hands grip my arms and drag me out of the theater to a brightly lit room. they place me on a cold steel table and remove my retinas. They replace them with an orange liquid that gels up in my eyes.

            When I'm released, I see everything in a much brighter and happier episodes of television.

© 2011 mark slade

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A scary thought...did all the TV exec's in LALA Land see that movie? You've got this one done to a tee...fantastic.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I like this premise.

Posted 8 Years Ago

lol. It's not a good idea to eat anchovy pizza cold just before going to bed.... Sounds like you went to one of those diner and a movie places and saw "Human Centipede" ....
Better these things get put on paper rather than rattle around loose in your head.
Pretty jarring and frightening... just like the economy....

Posted 8 Years Ago

Magnetic in essence and a scene out of my own mind's twisted sequence of decay. You penned this quite well.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on September 17, 2011
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mark slade
mark slade

williamsburg, VA

a writer of horror and dark fantasy more..


A Story by mark slade

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