Jeff Skipper's Historical Adventure!

Jeff Skipper's Historical Adventure!

A Story by mi-chan

A 3-word story me, Lastica, and Zaikyo did in class when we were bored.






Through-out history, Mussolini was sexecuted by Jeff Skipper with sexy Italians. Those Italians carressed his glorious unabrow because it was enchantingly the best. However, his lover (Trebonious) preferred lapdances, to hear him moan. This made Ceasar nod longingly as he peered through Mussolini's bedroom keyhole to see sexy Italians molesting Mussolini's firebreathing porcipine. Jealously, Hitler and his secret brother Stalin flew over the rainbow into some shrooms. Suddenly, a cardboard box attacked Stalin with, slowly, its hard cold electrical tape and Hobo sidekick. ManFredMan flew down on his rainycorn bearing Fruity Pebbles and three potatoes. The potatoes began to come alive and ate Skipper. This made Muslims shoot AK47's on top of a Russian woman's shoulders holding a pretzel and Irish beer. She roared violently and drank Red Bull before belching a tune. The vocal horror shattered the potatoes which caused them to vomit up Skipper. A bit stunned, Skipper brought out Richileau who used exocommunication; it was SUPER EFFECTIVE! The Jews. The cardboard-box, fearing Skippers' green light saber, shipped back to FedEx, the hobo eating packing peanuts all the way home.


~The End~

© 2011 mi-chan

Author's Note

If you don't understand it, it's ok, most of it is inside jokes ^^ oh, and yeah, we cheated... A LOT! XD this was just for fun, so no one should take this seriously nor should anyone be offended.

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this is so funny and humorous and LOL and hahaha and random and stuff. i absolutely love it.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on April 27, 2011
Last Updated on April 27, 2011
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