A Chapter by Yaoi Queen 333

Jessica jumped when she saw the spider crawling up her bedroom wall. Though it didn’t seem to be any bigger than her pinky nail, she still got freaked out by it. But her fear turned to anger. She hated spiders with a passion!

She watched as the hairy, eight-legged creature crawled slowly up her yellow wall without a care in the world. As if it had never scared her.

Jessica grabbed the nearest magazine she could find, rolled it up and smacked the spider. When she pulled the magazine away, she stuck out her tongue in a gagging way at the sight of the bug juice on her wall. She tossed the magazine on the floor, happy the spider was now dead. The way it deserved to be.

That night, Jessica crawled under her blanket and it didn’t take long for her to drift off to sleep, but when she awoke, she felt something prickling at her leg.

What the hell is this? Jessica thought. She pulled her blanket off and onto the floor and screamed a scream of pure terror.


Millions of the tiny, black, hairy creatures crawled about her bare legs. They crawled over each other to get higher to her, the small legs tickling her skin.

Jessica thrashed and kicked her legs, trying to get the spiders off, but then began to feel little bites. The more she kicked trying to get them off, the more they kept biting.

Jessica cried out from the pain of their bites. How could such tiny things bite so badly?

Her heart thudded against her chest. She felt her palms begin to sweat.

Where had they all come from? She wondered, kicking and thrashing like she was drowning. But she was. She was drowning in a pool of spiders, which seemed to duplicate and were soon up to her elbows.

As the spiders continued to bite and work their way up Jessica’s body, tears streamed down her face as she cried out from the pain.

They soon made their way up to her head. They crawled and bit her whole body, sinking their poison into her veins.

When they were done biting her, they scurried away. Jessica’s eyes stared doll-like up at the ceiling. Her mouth hung open in a listen scream. Her cheeks were still wet from the tears she had been crying.

As the spiders scurried away, they were happy they had gotten their revenge on Jessica. They killed her the way she killed one of their own.

© 2009 Yaoi Queen 333

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that's why i don't f**k with nature LOL >.

Posted 9 Years Ago

That was really CREEPY! Poor Jessica! I would NEVER want that to happen to me! I used caps to show how serious I am! Anyways, that was so creepy and scary! I loved it! Great chapter!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on May 7, 2009


Yaoi Queen 333
Yaoi Queen 333

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A Chapter by Yaoi Queen 333