California Here We Don't Come!

California Here We Don't Come!

A Story by Yaoi Queen 333

A story of two boys discussing gay marriage.


“What do you think about marriage?” Brendon popped the question to his boyfriend since freshman year.

Jason turned his head to the side to face him. “What do you mean?” He asked, voice apathetic, showing its answer of how he could care less of marriage. He reached into his jean pocket and pulled out a pack of his favorite smokes. Newport.

Brendon turned his head away from the man he knew he loved and stared out into the setting sun. Colors of blue were splashed together with shades of orange and yellow as if they had been finger-painted on by a little kid.

The scene, though, was a beautiful Kodak moment to Brendon. He and his boyfriend of four successful years, sitting on top of the roof to the small bungalow styled house just staring out into the sun and talking as if they were the only two people in the world who ever existed.

Brendon remembered many moments they had shared on the roof. From the end of their first date, to their first kiss, to times when things got too rough and they just needed a place to talk and be alone and embrace each other’s company. To Brendon, it seemed like the perfect place to ask his lover for his hand in marriage. But not once had they discussed it. Not once even when California announced the rights to gay marriage had the subject come up on whether or not the two would get married.

We’re eighteen now, Brendon had decided. We’re both adults who will soon graduate high school and it’s about time to discuss other than the college and career choices we want to have.

He took a deep breath, only to inhale the smoke of Jason’s cigarette, but, choking back on a cough, he asked again, “What do you think of marriage?”

“Waste of time.”

Brendon felt as if Jason had stabbed his heart. The fast, yet piercing answer so quickly and done with had left Brendon lying there breathless.

“Su-surely you can’t decide on that so quickly.” The only thing he could try to do was urge Jason into saying how he was glad to hear California had legalized gay marriage rights.

Jason took the cigarette out of his mouth and held it between his middle and index finger. “I. Don’t. Believe. In. Marriage.”

Brendon propped himself up and stared down at Jason, not even bothering not to show the disappointment he knew was on his face or hide it from his voice. “How come?”

Jason sat up as well. He flung a couple ashes off his cigarette before facing Brendon and telling him in a sympathetic voice, “Bren –” Jason only called Brendon Bren when he was trying to let him down easily on something without telling him the honestly harsh truth of what he felt. “Marriage . . . it’s for people who think they need more than what they have. I mean, think about. You can already do the same s**t you can do when you’re already dating – f*****g, kissing, holding each other, and none of it require bullshitty paperwork that basically lets the government know that you’re committed to your partner. A marriage, well, is basically filling out papers saying you’re permanently together, you know, like you’re no longer a separate person with your partner but a whole now. And the government is involved. You get what I’m saying?”

In fact, Brendon was surprised to know exactly what Jason was saying. Maybe that was why it hurt so badly. Maybe that was why his heart now beat with tiny pains stabbing at him. Because he did know what Jason was saying - and sometimes – whether Jason was sober or not – he could hardly understand anything he was talking about.

Jason cupped Brendon’s chin with his free hand. He ran his fingers down the side of his face, gingerly, like the way one would stroke a newborn’s.

Jason leaned forward and met his lips with Brendon’s, who was surprised to find Jason’s kiss not filled with hot tongue-on-tongue action, but instead filled with a warm sweet feeling of nothing but pure love.

To Brendon, the kiss only seemed to last for barely a second before Jason pulled away and asked, “Why did you want to know, anyway?”

“Know what?”

“How I felt about marriage.”

“Oh. Well, you know, I was just . . . curious, that’s all. You know, since California has now legalized gay marriage and there are so many people who are in gay relationships and are now officially in marriage.”

Jason put out his cigarette before getting to his feet. “I’m gonna go get a beer. You want something?” Jason knew Brendon didn’t drink and didn’t bother to ask him if he wanted a beer.

Brendon shook his head. “No.”

Without another word, Jason started making his way down the ladder they had set up, and Brendon heard the sound of his boots reaching the gravel, walk across, a door open and then close, and soon Jason would toss his beer can up Brendon to hold while he climbed the latter back up to the roof.

And that was when the few tears Brendon had held back started to shed. How hurt and disappointed he was to know the one he loved wouldn’t want to get married to him. How they couldn’t invite the people who meant so much to them to their wedding. How they couldn’t say their “I Do’s” and kiss in front of everyone then hear the applause as they shared they special day.

Wiping the tears away, Brendon patted his pocket where the ring box sat inside with the golden ring that held Jason’s birthstone color, garnet.

A sigh escaped his lips. “Oh, well. I guess I can always give it to him for his birthday. . .”                                             

© 2009 Yaoi Queen 333

Author's Note

Yaoi Queen 333
What can I do to make it better? What do you think/like/dislike?

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I really like it! Poor Brendon! He wants to get married, and Jason thinks it's a waste of time! I really didn't expect Jason to answer Brendon like that! It was really something! Now I understand where the title came from. This is so great! I think you're doing a great job! It's great already!

Posted 11 Years Ago

You have a way with words, I tell you. :]

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Yaoi Queen 333
Yaoi Queen 333

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