Will you...?

Will you...?

A Poem by Signet

Will you adore her

Until the end of time?

Will you be there for her

When she's alone and crying?

Will you hold her and never let go

And yet let her be free?

Will you never let her wonder

'Does he really love me?'

Will you wipe away

The tears that she cries?

Will you be there to support her

If she fails everytime she tries?

Will you embrace her

And never let her fall?

When she's fallen hard

Will you make her stand tall?

Will you make her beam

When she's feeling down?

Will you treat her like your princess

Yet keep her on the ground?

Will you whispher in her ears

Words of appreciation?

She may not be perfect..

But love in looking beyond imperfections...

© 2009 Signet

Author's Note

I wrote it way back, but I like it... Hope you do too... well, there may be some mistakes ,so, I would request you to please point them out and critique honestly!

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very well done ..... ppl who alwaz hv a question "wt do women want?'" shud read this ..... it certainly gives you an idea of wt they xpect ..... nicely written

Posted 10 Years Ago

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A beautiful poem. Very talented for your age. It is good to read new Poets. Your questions are necessary. Woman need to be loved and appreciate.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Really sweet poem! I adored it.

The only thing that really...well...I don't know. This last line just confused me:

"She may not be perfect..
But love in looking beyond imperfections..."

Maybe I'm just not getting it? LOL It certainly wouldn't be the first time!! Lordy knows I'm not the brightest Crayon in the box. But it just doesn't make sense to me? I keep rereading it, but I'm not getting what it's trying to say. If it DOES make sense, and I'm just too dense (Uh-oh, Cat-in-the-hat moment...) to get it, let me know!! :P

BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT--As always, absolutely wonderful job! You, my dear, truly have a gift. And from India!! Even more amazing. :) You have a much broader understanding of the English language than 90% of the kids in our schools. *sigh* I read someone else's review where they said that you were going to be amazing, and something really special when you grow up...and I have to agree. You truly have something incredible in you to be able to write like this. I think you should never give up writing, and I thank whoever has given you the opportunity to share all of your work with us. You're gonna be famous one day, sweety! :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

Questions from the depths of the soul.. the voice is so strong and a tender at the same time.
Really enjoyed what you have expressed here.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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