Shadow Man Part 1

Shadow Man Part 1

A Story by Twizzy Leon

A small town just off lower Florida meets someone from a nightmare.


Sebring, Florida

December 28, 1999


Little George was happy about his new Christmas gifts.


He got his new shiny, red trycicle. With his little red bell, he loved it so much. He would sound his bell as he rode down the sidewalk. All the neighbors loved to see him. They would hug him and keep an eye out for him making sure he didn't go to far.

Everyone knew that blonde hair, blue eyed, jean jacket wearing five year old. George was told not to go to far down the street especially not to the vacant house. Knowone had lived there for years. George didn't care he wanted everyone to see his new tricycle he got for Christmas.


That day George started down the sidewalk humming a little tune. When his mother yelled down and said " Georgy don't go to far baby I'll be right back". She walked in the house to wash some clothes. George started ridng down the hill as he neared the abandoned house. He came to a sudden stop and stared at the house. He thought " I shouldnt go down and pass there, but Mikey didn't see my new bike yet". After about four minutes  Georgy disobeyed his parents rules and went down the hill. As he passed the abandoned house he heard wind chimes. He peered to his right looking at the house. All the trees that let in no sun over the house and how the front screen door creeked open. Georgy was a little nervous. He focused his eyes to the front of him. Then there stood a tall man. Right in front of his little bike. The man never spoke.


His broad shoulders stood tall over George on his bike. He had to be six feet ten inches. He probably weighed about 200 pounds. George spoke and said " Hi sir do you like my bike?". These were Little Georgy's last words before he went missing and has never been found since 1999. Knowone ever saw what happened except for a teenage girl who said it was a man who lived in the vacant house. They searched the house and discovered nothing. Little Georgy was gone. The girl didn't believe so she kept believing it was Shadow Man........


© 2011 Twizzy Leon

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Added on June 1, 2011
Last Updated on June 3, 2011
Tags: Man, Hometown
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Twizzy Leon
Twizzy Leon

I am new to the writing philosphy and expression. I've written a few and wantto expand more with open criticsm. I'm a good fire that wants to spread it's flames. In a good way. Fun loving qiet person.. more..