The Tormented Face

The Tormented Face

A Poem by Mbali


I see a face in the mirror with tears running down to the cheeks.
I ask myself whose face it really is 
But then I see a smile and think how it could be like this 
A sweet gentle face, with hopes filled on its eyes 
The bright eyes like the moon, they shine from within 
The softness of the skin, makes every one wanna lean 
Movement of the lips, all you think is just whisper and kiss 
The snow white teeth it carries, makes a man wanna say let's marry 
The lashes without mascara, still glows like shining stars 
Then I ask myself, is the inside of this face the same too? 
No no no I hear this face's soul answer 
Then I look at the mirror again and wonder. 
Is life worth all this pain this face has been through? 
Its whole being has been twisted by so many fools
Its understanding of life is so mush different than others.
What they see as torment, this face see as pleasure. 
It used to wish for its salvation 
But now it only wish to feel its own suffering 
For this face has grown to love the feeling of torment 
It love to see the scars on its skin 
And feel the scars on its soul 
If only this face would know the real being 
Every one would cry and pity for it. 
But then this face wish for no one to ever know.
For this face still cling to that hope  
Of becoming the face which once was happy and never knew torment.

By Antonia Komba

© 2013 Mbali

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Added on April 1, 2013
Last Updated on August 8, 2013



Columbus, OH

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