I keep on asking!!

I keep on asking!!

A Poem by Mbali

What caused all of these?

I wake up in the morning like you, her, him, pray, bow, be there, oh dear, whats to do out there.
I lift my head up, stare, do the rare, with perfection, to care or whatever is there to just get my bread, make my life and bed, add some butter and spread to just make it my dear and i ask myself where did i go wrong I swear!

Is it my first baby tear, the smile my mother shared, the hug my father gave or the look, the stare, scary face my brother had when he heard she is here, a sister, a baby, a daughter of ours, of yours, for us, a friend, to play, to share and care, a family, a lover, a mother for the future, can be a preacher, a doctor, a nurse or a very important creature, I keep on asking where? 

Is it my first baby step, the stumble, the crawl, the stand, the word, or the first sound i made, can it be the laugh, the smile, the eye i opened to see, the place, the space, the day i was born, the month, the bed, the linen i slept on, the food, the milk or the water i first tested, I keep on asking what i did wrong i want it clear!

Where, what, when and who, all i hear is noise, rumors, bad words, abuse, i refuse to be used, but right here I am the victim of all you can dare to say, talk, read, share, and who cares, where I keep on wondering why lies, cries, ties, too many goodbyes, dies, surrounded by why asking me, myself and I, i need to know where i went wrong!

I wonder and ask again with no gain just pain if its the name, the cloth, gift, the touch, the first thing i saw, could it be the nurse, the doctor or the first medicine i took what else to think am running out of it and stop and stare and ask where?

Is it love, life, the man i first loved, the worry, the grudge, the fight i ever had, the questions, the answers, or the solutions i ever got, the school, the friends, the meals i ever cooked, the family, the relatives or the people i encountered in life, what else am i forgetting i keep on asking why?

The heart, the love, the comfort, the care, the need or everything indeed, I keep on asking God to delete, the pain, the tear, the frown, the down, the fear, give back the comfort, the love, the smile, the strength to stand a day, a minute, a second or sudden change, revenge, strange and all that is gone for good and  still I cant stop asking where did I go wrong with all these things around me.

By Antonia Komba

© 2012 Mbali

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Good one.. that's all I can say

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on May 29, 2012
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Columbus, OH

misunderstood, mistreated, mistaken, underestimated, second guessed, miss no good for nothing, never succeeded to secure her own nest, still building a new one, so complicated, dream high, giving hear.. more..