ThE InCoMpLeTe SoNg..!!

ThE InCoMpLeTe SoNg..!!

A Poem by kaywrites

An exquisite poem that is woven around the story of a Nightingale's search for a loving soulmate.

It was another one of those usual,
  The insomniac mornings, as she termed it,
Sleep had never been her best pal
  Which she outwardly would never admit

Slowly, she risked a slight casual glance
  At her mates, perched on the crooked branches,
Like always, they were immersed in a trance
  Comfortably nestled under siestic clutches,

Life may have been a God's blessing
  For all those surviving in her watch,
Though, she too possessed the inward zing,
  She always felt her life at oasis a mismatch

Because, the elderly minds, well did preach
  That, as nightingales, one must stay put,
In the secured lushness without any outreach
  And sing sweetly through every lone night,

She was fiercely passionate with her tunes
  Her voice could pierce any pitch she sought
Echoing angelically through the sandy dunes,
  Chirping about nocturnally tired her naught!!

Ages had been spent singing, making everybody
  Who crossed her abode, turn around amazed
And listen mesmerized to her divine melody
  When she stopped, she left travellers dazed,

But, the admiring head-turns were not enough
  All those appreciative looks were not wholesome
With each praise, her true desire would rebuff
  She felt the forceful clench of being lonesome,

All she really wanted was a loving soulmate
  Who would not praise, but sing back to her
And prove to to her serendipitous fate
  She longed for such a moment to occur,

Anticipating thus, the day passed without answers
  Fading into the blackest of desert hours,
Bringing in hordes of exhausted travellers
  With drowsy hopes the size of towers,

Tonight, for her, was the last straw
  No more could she wait here expectantly,
Maybe Equisite tunes found her by Nature's Law
  But, her life's reality stared at her blatantly,

This oasis made her folks ultimately content
  But she had never gotten a moment's peace,
To her, even a minute more here was torment
  Flying out was the sole choice she felt wise,

Overcome with a sudden resolve, she took off
  Without even a second's hesitation and regret,
None noticed!! Her wings felt a blissful kickoff
  Though she played her life like a roulette,

There was no path ahead to securely follow
  But, she knew she was making a bold trail,
Floating out with the breeze, she felt aglow
  And more relieved that she did not quail,

This was it!!! The Desert!! The Real World!!
  All she could see around were fine sands,
Her journey out here was Homeward Bound
  So, she knew her destiny was in these lands,

Will she reach her so-called destiny??
  Will "ThE MiSsInG VoIcE" sing back?
Will the voice make her feel sunshiny??
  Or Will she keep flying forever in black?

Thanks n Regards,

© 2013 kaywrites

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Added on June 2, 2013
Last Updated on June 3, 2013
Tags: Nightingale, Incomplete, Poetry, Poem, Love, Soulmate, Oasis, Destiny



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