ThE VeNeTiAn FaNtAsY

ThE VeNeTiAn FaNtAsY

A Poem by kaywrites

Everybody wants to go to VeNiCe!! This poem also takes a guitarist to the Venetian Fantasy and the feast to his eyes of the lovely city.


My Eyelids Were Drooping
My Focus was blurring,
Bam! I was Floating
Never had Felt such Soothing,

My Eyes were Fast Closed
But I realise I had not Dozed,
As I Muse Where I am Now 
Someone Greets me with a 'Ciao", 

Shocked, I Flick my Eyes Open
So does my Mouth Gape Open
For What I was Witnessing was a Stunner,
A Place Where Just Everything is Finer!!

The Turquoise Road of Venice Lies
Before me Like a Miracle in Guise,
And it gets a lot Better
As I Feel a Rock-a-Bye Baby Jitter

Looks like Am Couching on a Gondola
Lying by my side is a Viola,
I Feel my Musical Nerves tingle
Readying to Brew up a Jingle,

I Wanted the Viola in my Hands Badly
For I Would sing About Venice Gladly,
Whose Would it be?, I Start to Wonder
Will He Lemme Have a Shot at it? I Ponder,

"Fire Away With the Bass, Signor..", I Hear
Seems someone at back Had Noticed my Desire,
I Glance back and see a smiling Gondolier
Who nods at me and tosses me a Ginger Beer,

Here comes my calling to Bring an Outpour
All About My Dreamland's Folklore,
I Take the Viola in my Hands
To Prove My Worth with this Chance,

I smile At the Romantic Couple before my Sight
Enjoying Smooches under the Bridge Of Sighs!!!
Their love had me mesmerised but motivated
And thus, a drive inside joyfully kickstarted,

All of a sudden, something was not right
The feel annoyed me like a Flea Bite,
Why were the couple giving me a Glare?
For heaven's sake, why did they Stare?,

Maybe the guy assumed I was
Wooing his girl with a pass
Aimed straight at her from here
That for sure,he cannot bear,

Poof!! Vroom!! Shucks!!
The place around me Dissolved,
And I was Blinking stupidly At my Professor
Standing lankily before me with a Daggers Look,

Oops!! I must have been Dreaming, as usual
For such things, in classes, are very casual 
"Out!!", He roared, in a furious voice
I Left the Classroom with a Puppy Face,

Once Outside, My heart gave a delightful Leap
As I had a perky Tune from under Deep,
The Musical Chords were Still ringing
Within me, Lub n Dub, thus singing,

My dream did bail out on me
Today, leading me astray, But
This Tune was Going into my Record
As Soon as I dash Off the Road,

One day, at the summit, not very far
I shall stand proud with my guitar,
Till then, it is my time, during when
Songs shall be woven from HEAVEN!!!

© 2013 kaywrites

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Very nicely, set out. Lile that it has a twist in the tale.The rhyme was also very good. Really fun dream to have, and dream songs do tend to linger. Great write.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

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Patrick O'Neil

7 Years Ago

Will do. Thanks

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Added on June 2, 2013
Last Updated on June 3, 2013
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