ThE ToSs Of DeStInY!!

ThE ToSs Of DeStInY!!

A Poem by kaywrites

A poem about the ironical life that we face and how we attribute it to the so-called destiny.

I was standing confused without a clue
Without seeming to know what to do,
Maybe the lavender top will suit me
Or should I choose the yellow tee

It was time again for a toss
Which I do when at a loss,
I fished out a coin from inside
On which I always rely to decide

I toss the coin up in the air
To settle on one colour to wear,
I catch the coin as it descends
Heads or Tails? On which color depends

Lavender it is if I get tails
Or the yellow for the other case,
I get ready to know destiny's pick
Like a child awaiting a magic trick

As I open my tightly shut palm
A boom inside cuts across my calm,
I feel an unknown wave pass through
The need to know about it grew

Taken aback by the wave, I contemplate
And I ask myself, will it complicate,
Maybe it will; What if it does?
Such stupid thoughts for just a dress

Now was not the time to reflect
After all, this was just an outfit,
I trash the aimless notions for good
For I must have surely misunderstood

Loosening the clasp, the colour I behold
Is the blazing shade of our gold
Phew, finally! A top to put on
Yellow must definitely be an Odds-on

Pocketing the coin, I pounce on yellow
And scurry off to finish the Jell-O,
This was how I went through Life
Whenever I landed in an inner strife

Days whisk by like a scudding Veyron
I find my life's efforts going barren,
The coin always comes to my rescue
Helping whenever my life is in stew

Be it graduation or Hobby for leisure
Decision to talk or Cue for pressure,
Accessories to match or Option to work
Time with friends or To outfight a jerk

Almost everything was out of my hands
I never wanted or asked for a chance,
Till one day came that dawned different
Raising doubts on the life so far spent 

I look back on the trodden trail
And see nothing much but true fail
Even the coin had a life; Mine!
My life's blue print was it's design

So much idiocy for the so-called destiny
Accepting it, I brewed up an inner mutiny,
Don't people say Nothing is perfect here
Then, destiny, too, is imperfect for sure

You can't be right all the time
Even our destiny suffers the same rhyme
When that's the case, then wake up
Struggle out, Avow yourself, Be a trump!

Once I was out of my trip
I realise something that makes me slip
My choice was Lavender the whole time
No wonder the Jell-O tasted so lame!!

© 2013 kaywrites

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Added on June 2, 2013
Last Updated on June 3, 2013
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