As ShE wAlKs AlOnG!^!

As ShE wAlKs AlOnG!^!

A Poem by kaywrites

The whole world is wishing this would happen soon but no one is ready to take the first step and set an example - WOMEN EMPOWERMENT.

As ShE wAlKs AlOnG!^!..

[Note: This poems talks about the Delhi Rape incident]

Exiting the office doors after work
   She was not feeling herself tonight
The dusty roads looked alien to her
   Still more adding to her plight

She had always traversed these pavements
   Never having even a pint of fret inside
But now, her heart was inked with dread
   After learning how women faced deride

On a morning, routine like any day
   She had gone into a terrible state
On reading through a horrible incident
   That had ended an innocent girl's fate

The media had tailed in soon enough
   And the news spread like rapidfire
Creating a ripple throughout the nation
   With mourning citizens making a prayer    

She pictured the news clip, a week old,
   Which she had not been able to digest
Her thoughts lingered over the late 
   Maiden, a victim to few guys zest

Since then, the Delhi roads at night
   Posed a sinister threat to her eyes
And while returning home, she had merged
   with the crowds, which she thought wise

But tonight, she had restlessness pangs
   Why should she stay silent forever?
Hiding in the shadows did not suit her
   She would never cower for whatever

Not being able to be physically strong
   Was neither her shortcoming nor mistake
The supreme power had wanted her that way
   It was high time for her to wake

Sheer muscle power was not her forte
   That belonged to the domain of Monsieurs
She knew where she had her strength from;
   It lay inside that headstrong mind of hers

As long as she walked these roads any day
   She decided with an iron grit inside
To stand upto any form of filthy injustice
   And never let any rogue seize her pride

Everywhere around, our women are growing
   Stronger through each and every minute
Just like this determined Delhi girl
   Who will never stay anymore quiet
Running madly behind material growth
   This nation has forgotten respect;
Pure respect that contributes toward
   Rooting out the willful neglect

Womens' Day Celebrations do not even
   Matter anymore; CELEBRATE WOMEN!!
The day our nation makes that happen,
   Mother India will show us Heaven!!

© 2013 kaywrites

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Added on June 2, 2013
Last Updated on June 3, 2013
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