The Last Glimpse - Part 1

The Last Glimpse - Part 1

A Story by AP13

Two lover parting ways and are craving for one last glimpse of each other. This is the first part of multi part story.


The Last Glimpse


It was an august noon, sun was beating down the heat all day long and it seemed every life form on earth was dull and out of energy. But it looks like God was in good mood. The sky started to fill with gloomy clouds with a little but relieving breeze. The clouds started to thunder and roar and lighting was sparkling in almost grey sky. It made everyone feel alive, birds started returning to their nest to their baby birds, dogs started barking and kids came out in street. Everyone was enjoying the weather.


But there was a boy, down here, who didn’t seem to care about the clouds, the lightening, alive streets, nor the birds. He was sitting in a corner in his room, staring at his phone. His mom called for evening tea “Samrat, come down. It’s time for tea” but he didn’t respond, he was hoping no one will consider his existence at that very moment. His eyes were still numb from all the sobbing, he couldn’t scream or cry out loud, as it would make everyone in house aware, that there is something wrong with him and surely he didn’t want to entertain any unwanted attention as for now, he was already in pain and exhausted. He still had to gather energy and fake a smile when he would come out of his room.


Mom called again and this time too he didn’t responded. How could he respond with a throat full of tears?
He tried but no voice came out only tears from eyes. He cleared his throat wiped his eyes and tried to respond but only managed to squeeze out a squeaking sound, ’Coming maa’. Maybe his voice was very low, hence his mother couldn’t hear him or maybe his mother got a hint that there is something not right. She decides to go and check on him.


She knocked on the door and calls for him now with a concerned voice as she finds it unusual, she knocks again. Hearing continuous knocking on the door, he wiped his eyes and nose and tries to clear his throat, he tries to respond in as normal manner as he can and this time manages to speak in a normal voice with little shiver, ’I am coming, just changing cloths’. He’s sitting there in his school uniform since he came back from school. Hurriedly he changes cloths and goes out avoiding eye contact with his mother and goes into the living room, greets his father and sister, picks up his tea and goes outside, just to avoid anyone’s company. Right now he’s like a house of cards, of emotions which requires a little push and everything will come crashing down. He tries to avoid it by any means possible.


He is sitting in his balcony, though cool breeze is soothing but rain is causing more pain, but by every passing moment a new emotion is appearing. He is getting angry. Angry on her, angry on himself, angry on God and everyone else around him.


He is thinking of ways by which he can stop her, make her stay with him, in this moment. He knows it is painful for her too, as much as it is for him. Keeping aside his anger he’s begging God to do some miracle and make her stay. But he knows miracles don’t happen in real life but still he is begging in hope, who knows may be god is listening.


He heard a familiar voice, his friends calling him to play football in the puddled ground when it is raining cats and dogs. He denies them with a head gesture. Among them was his best friend Kabir. There is no boundary between best friends. He knows what Samrat is going through, and he couldn’t let his best friend stay in that situation and he was hoping football might cheer him up, as it had, every time. So he rings the bell and as soon as gate opens, he directly goes to the first floor and confronts him.


“Why are you not coming? “Said Kabir.


“I am not feeling really good today, you guys go and play, SORRY!!!” said Samrat while apologizing and hoping Kabir might go away.


“Shut the f**k up and pull up your shoes, we are going and I said ’we’ that means you and me. “ Kabir commanded, he knows Samrat won’t go easily.


“No no, sorry I can’t come, please try to understand.” Said Samrat trying to marinating his calm, trying to control his anger he continued “You know what is going on and out of all of them you are forcing me?”


“I know what is going on with you, and that’s why I am asking you to come with us, come with me.” Kabir replied, unaffected by Samrat’s response.


“How the hell can you know, you’ve never been in love.” Said Samrat, almost screaming this time.


“Yes I’ve never been in love but I know how you are feeling, now come with me, or I’ll tell maa what is going on” Said Kabir, trying not to react, maintaining his cool. He tried blackmailing emotionally.


“You son of a b***h, fine” Said Samrat , in submissive tone.


He came down. Rain was pouring down heavily, football was something in which he used to find peace of mind and pleasure and at the time of rain he used to love it. But today, today was different he couldn’t find peace while kicking the ball, he was fighting his demons and was struggling with a hurricane of emotions, fighting to keep it on bay. Today he was playing with anger not with excitement. He was playing rash, Kabir was worried for Samrat, he might hurt himself of may hurt someone else. There was only one thing in Samrat’s mind and that was her, he was playing there but only his body was there, his soul was in her embrace.


Game is about to end, Samrat has ball, close to goal but defenders are closing in. One of the defenders slides down and tackles him, and Samrat lost the ball. This made him lose control, and he kicked that boy right into rib-cage, without realizing what damage his football studs can do. Couple of minutes later he realized what he has done. He went close to that boy, and checked on him. Luckily his kick missed his body, not completely just brushed to his kit.

Game was called off moments later, but Smarat was standing there, his body shaking, fists clinched.


The game was over, rain has stopped, the sky has cleared but it’s almost dark now, sun is below horizon and sky is lit by a faint twilight. It’s time. He doesn’t need a clock to know it. He runs towards her house, and stops few yards before her house.


She’s going, and this is happening, no miracle happened. He felt a strong urge to scream and stop her, but felt helpless how he can stop her, she is leaving with her family, what can he do to stop her? He couldn’t find any answer to these questions, he could only manage to hold his tears, stand there and watch her go. He wishes to see her for a last time, to look into her eyes and savor the moment.


See her smiling one last time.


Standing there dumbstruck he sees her coming out and getting into the car, she goes into the car without looking up, he is losing his patience. He may not be able to see her face one last time. He screams her name, but no one seems to give any attention to him. Car starts, he starts running towards the car, hoping she would look back and he could see her eyes for the last time.


He keeps running......

© 2016 AP13

Author's Note

This is the first part.
Criticism is welcomed , negative or positive.

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Oh i liked it...will read the second part too

Posted 4 Years Ago

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4 Years Ago

Working on it.

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