AFTERLIFE DOCUMENT: Evil Alert, Mind Control for Sex and Incoherent Babble and My Gurl/His Girl Issu

AFTERLIFE DOCUMENT: Evil Alert, Mind Control for Sex and Incoherent Babble and My Gurl/His Girl Issu

A Story by The Archangel Gabriel

See below...



 WARNING: This may lead to gay beliefs, headaches, hurt, anger but not mirth, wisdom, sex or love!


Please forward to MANDY DINKINS in the care of the CIA from "Gabriel."


This is deemed PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL as if this matters WITHIN THE CIA.  I assume that it will GET THERE with these instrutions followed, and this could be a lesson in "personal privacy issues."  It is of HUMANITARIAN INTEREST AND PERSONAL IN NATURE.


Okay, I suppose that you deserve an explanation for my abrupt disappearance, and I will give you that.  Here is the story: shortly prior to my disappearance I was struck by a computer virus of catastrophic impact and magnitude that I FAIRLY CLEARLY TRACED to the CIA despite my efforts and alleged successes on your behalf.  This attack REQUIRED a significant amount of my time and effort, and I decided to "cut my losses" at least for a while to avoid such disasters in the future.  This has not happened again.


Admittedly, I miss talking to "Mandy Dinkins," but it is UNCLEAR whether there EVEN IS a "Mandy Dinkens" or whether these e-mails were entirely destroyed.  With BOTH HANDS TIED BEHIND MY BACK AND BLINDFOLDED, what do you expect from me?  How am I suppposed to know whether the e-mails were routed in the first place and whether this routing was in fact correct routing?


I am genuinely SORRY for any harm and/or inconvenience that I may have caused you - this was not my intent.  Please know that it is NOT YOU that I am avoiding, but, instead it is the ALLEGED POLITICAL BACKSTABBING. 


I am doing what I can to recreate "the facts" of this case despite being given nothing upon which to go.  Let me give this a good effort for your interest:


1)  The CIA forwarded the "Mandy Dinkens" e-mail to somebody very special, but not to my "true love."  What can you do there?  This girl SHOULD BE CAPABLE of being a good friend to me as well as working together in the future, but there may be intense emotions that disrupt this possibility at this time.  I am VERY UNDERSTANDING and like to talk out such issues - but, with ONE WAY COMMUNICATION, it is indeed VERY DIFFICULT at best. 


I can't even determine whether the CIA ever bothered to FIND a "Mandy Dinkins" candidate, and being allegedly "shot in the back by the CIA" made communication impractical.  Again, I am sorry for this possible outcome, but I don't even yet KNOW THE FACTS.  The best answer that I received was, "He did not hide His face from him but listened when he cried to Him for help."  Okay, that is not what I would expect an alleged bunch of backstabbing black-hearted devils to do, but that is a possibility. 


Previously, I assumed this search to be "entirely self-service" unless the CIA substantially benefitted from the particular transaction and I received NOTHING.  Why the CIA would fulfill ONE REQUEST out of perhaps HUNDREDS and make it, perhaps, THE WORST for HUMAN COLLATERAL DAMAGE is beyond me!  That makes NO SENSE TO ME, but the past can come back to you at any time, I suppose.  Perhaps the CIA is currently seeking to kill me by "indirect methods," and this could be an interesting change of pace.


Jesus Christ, people!  Could you please work diligently on a better group effort?!?!? There are people's feelings at stake if you can see past the Global War and huge piles of dead bodies to different issues.


2)  The alleged "Mandy Dinkens" at the CIA is alleged to be a CIA-misrouting of e-mail.  That is UNDERSTANDABLE as "indeterminate e-mail routing" is not an exact science.  I took the liberty to allegedly REROUTE that e-mail to the intended receipient via eternal e-mail after these alleged facts and assumed that the ORIGINAL E-MAILS were terminated with extreme prejudice.  I apologize for any damaged feelings that this may have caused, but my information "inside the CIA" is circumstantial at best. 


3)  Let's "talk remedies."  I suspect that if you take YOUR "Mandy Dinkens" and send her to Pakistan to investigate "The Taliban", she will find her "TRUE LOVE" at last and be happier.  He MAY BE A TERRORIST, but under the "sealed documents rule of negative infinity," this is not really an issue.  The issues at this time are allegedly:

  a)  What is he doing for America? and

  b)  What is he doing for Mandy Dinkens?

She should keep her eyes open for a dashing, fairly young Muslim man that strikes her EXTREME FANCY aesthetically.  I know that this is, perhaps, not the most appealing job assignment, but sometimes you have to do what must be done, and the Taliban is of a high level of interest to America at this time from what I can gather.  "Yes, Alleged Misrouted Mandy, I have been playing 'The Home Game' in your absence, and the lack of the CIA appears to make life EASIER and SAFER for me."


I believe that we are speaking of investigating "border raids" from bases in Pakistan.  I asked, "We are talkig about border raids, right?"  I received, "The LORD your God is with you, isn't He?  And hasn't He given you rest on every side?'?  Well, that SHOULD help bring rest and comfort to at least one good US trooper, and she is alleged to really deserve this possibility for a reprieve.


Misrouted-Mandy, for what it is worth, I lost ten years out my alleged love life by going on a "quest for my wife" back in the day.  Strangely, I appear to have found "Mary Magedeline" instead of my "true love" or "wife for this lifetime."  That is just what you get for going on a quest without being specific about your target.  Perhaps you can better understand my situation from your current one?  And, you allegedly have a LONG LIFE in front of you over which to contemplate the issues of MULTIPLE REDUNDANCY ERROR CHECKING and its relevance to life.  There is a concept of psychological fixation whereby you ignore other alternative because you are stuck on THE WRONG ONE, and I suggest that you not allegedly KEEP MAKING THIS MISTAKE OVER AND OVER or you might never settle into marietal bliss.


On the alleged downside, my alleged "future wife" finds me "dumb" and consistently goes against my recommendations to follow "the wrong path through life."  I suspect that you would make a SUBSTANTIALLY BETTER PARTNER for investigations, and we MAY have to form a three-way partnership in due time.  If we form a four-way partnership, the three of us will ALWAYS be forced to follow the wrong path through extreme circumstances despite ALL VOTING THE OTHER DIRECTION.


I keep telling people, "If you just give her SEVEN YEARS, I think that you will really like her.  Rome was not built in a day."


I asked, is this the story with Misrouted-Mandy and her "true love?"  "After this, I will pour out My Spirit on all humanity; then your sons and daughers will prophesy (oh, you kids learn?), you old men will have dreams, and your young men will see visions...  I will display wonders in the heavens and on the earth..."  That appears to have somebody headed in the right direction for "the national security interest" and for "personal satisfaction and life enjoyment."


I apologize for any inconvenience or hurt feelings.  But, if it is any consolation, the CIA allegedly caused me TONS OF THESE.  When I found the alleged "proper Mandy Dinkins," I naturally assumed that the CIA just dropped the original case proposal entirely. 


I am sorry for any contribution that I may have made to this confusion.  I placed REASONABLE MEANS for factual determinations in your hands, and I am only PARTLY to blame for any misunderstanding.  I investigated the possibilities of the alleged "Real Mandy" and an intentionally "Counterfeited Mandy," but I did not investigate the possibility of a misroute in the e-mail system. 


I asked, "Is she now well-trained for this mission?"  I received the answer that you are still miguided.  Where in Pakistan does one go?  That is a good question!






Please forward to the CIA in the care of MANDY DINKINS from Jesus.


This is deemed PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL as if this matters WITHIN THE CIA.  It is of HUMANITARIAN INTEREST with SOME NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUES included as well that can reasonably be handled PERHAPS at the level of "personal discretion".  Or, this COULD JUST "REQUIRE" 1/2 of the WHOLE CIA in response. 


I recently received an alarming round of e-mail and forwarded e-mail that I believe deserved a response as best as I can muster to facilitate perhaps healing and mutual amicable understanding.  As best as I could tell, there appeared to be either a whole lot of anger and frustration or just somewhat NONCONVENTIONAL PSYCHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS as judged by a large group of concerned citizens who oppose that analysis of only a small fraction of the facts. 


Wading through the alleged "emotional information and disinformation" to arrive at the "heart of the matters asserted" was indeed difficult, but I will do what I can and feel is right on my end.  It was not easy to make determinations of fact and "nonfacts stated as belief of the facts", but it seemed important to do so for personal and "volunteer professional reasons," but mostly for personal interest purposes.


Okay then.  To answer your question:


> You think the CIA is tracing you?


I could probably PROVE THAT in a court of law, but I have subsequently instituted multiple upgrades in my security protocols that appear to have ENDED AT LEAST SOME OF THESE ISSUES for the next 1,000 years.  You can try to CRACK THE RETROFITTED SYSTEM, but I doubt that ALL OF YOUR HACKS COMBINED will accomplish this feat before YEAR 3,006.  Amateurs!


At times, it appears to me as though there are quite a few CIA traces, but I did not think a whole lot of too many of them.  What about you?  Do you feel that the CIA may be tracing you, and how do you feel about the particular alleged individuals?  Off the record, I probably agree NEARLY 100% OR FULLY 100% with your assessment of the facts at hand.


Part of it was the individuals allegedly screwing with my life and loved onces including allegedly unreasonable and unlawful punishments.  So, what?  Orders are orders, and a little bit of time and effort and PERHAPS EVERY CIA EMPLOYEE should come out CLEAN in the wash.  Even, some of THE ALLEGED TORTURERS I actually liked pretty darn well despite adverse principles, and even spent time trying to help on a personal and a professional level.


I checked some of my STILL SECRET sources on the OVERALL CIA response to me, and it was some "really good love" and presumably also some appreciation for the "majority rule".  But, there were allegedly some issues with some of the leadership that really poisoned what could have been an extremely good tree as best as I can tell at this time.  Eventually, I was under such "extreme friendly fire" that I had to retract my communiation lines and let the passing of time heal the wounds inflicted upon me.  Perhaps, hasty military withdrawals had their detrimental effects on at least one particular other individual.


Well, the rumor is that there will be DIFFERENT LEADERSHIP in the future, and the CIA will go onwards and outwards to reach new levels of long-term personal satisfaction and public service in some form or another.  I DID NOT create the alleged complete mess over at the CIA, and I spent A LOT of volunteer time trying to help the CIA and AT LEAST SOME OF ITS agents out irrespective of eventual compensation out of personal interest in some of the individuals and also out of interest in America and its people.  I have some interest in ALL OF THE CIA MEMBERS, but I also have a limited lifespan while on this Earth.


Since you like psychology, maybe you can help me out with psychoanalyzing a particular alleged young female at the CIA.  A while back, she allegedly fell in love with what I believe to be the WRONG GUY for her in the grand scheme of the Universe.  These things happen, and my heart was broken OVER AND OVER AGAIN in the past.  At any rate, that guy allegedly disappeared FOR JUST BUT UNDISCLOSED CAUSE, and this WAS NOT that particular female. 


As best as I can tell, that particular agent became enraged, self-destructive, and problematic, and she was really HER OWN WORST ENEMY at that point.  In times of war, this is subject to change.  Why was this so?  I suggest that the man with which she fell in love was not really her ONE TRUEST LOVE and that she would be FAR BETTER OFF with him.  Fortunately, that particular chick is very cool and very likable when she is in a better frame of mind, and the alleged problems that she created just disappeared because people REALLY FEEL FONDLY TOWARDS HER, and these things happen.  Enough said.


There were OTHER ALTERNATIVES for this particular female.  For one thing, she is considered REALLY ATTRACTIVE and could just date around the CIA for a while.  But, I submit that she ACTUALLY WANTED something considerably different than this:


First of all, she needs to pull herself together some.  Life is NOT ALWAYS roses and pigtails - there are harsher sides as well.  I suggest THREE MONTHS stateside to prepare for the adventures ahead, although RESISTANCE is expected to be NONEXISTENT.  But, the field can be a perturbing experience, and it is best to be like the Boy Scouts, "prepared."


Secondly, I suggest that there is an "alleged current Taliban member in Pakistan" that REALLY WANTS TO BE SAVED by a Jesusy American girl instead of staying put.  The RIGHT GIRL should find him INSANELY ATTRACTIVE, but the RIGHT GIRL should have an "innate predisposition" to THAT PARTICULAR individual and that one alone.  There should be NO PROBLEMS extracting a willing Taliban member WITHOUT PREJUDICE especially under cirucumstances of EXTREME DURESS, and these are ONLY ALLEGATIONS.  I believe that, instead of "immediate extraction," those crazy kids will want to stay "behind enemy lines for approximately 3 years after they meet."  That is REPORTEDLY DANGEROUS, but allegedly that SHADY CHICK is not going to get ANY OBJECTIONS.


I believe that "that particular CIA chick" was already extremely special day one - she is really bright and has "good street smarts."  You can compare Lara who JUST MIGHT be kept entirely out of a "four way investigatory partnership" by a two to one vote.  Alternately, she could be included in a "five way investigation" where THREE OF THE INVESTIGATORS quite possibly ALWAYS VOTE AGAINST HER.  She is a very wonderful girl as well, but she could just end up getting THE ENTIRE TEAM KIA if she does not start taking better advice.  She is VERY INTERESTED in dictating her own favority course of action, THE WRONG ONE HISTORICALLY, all the time to EVERYBODY ELSE in the group.  Does that sound familiar to you? 


"Hell hath no fury like a woman 'scorned.'"  I note that a woman who THINKS THAT SHE HAS BEEN SCORNED could be EVEN WORSE (especially to herself), and there are alleged to be "collateral damage possibilities" from such behavior.  If she were, is or will be a good friend to me, I have to ask why she would be treating me this way, but I also understand.  Being constructive by nature, what I would REALLY LIKE is to see her pick herself up, push herself forwards in life, and find that which she TRULY SEEKS instead of merely an illusion.


There but for the "Grace of Allah" go I as best I can tell as I am hurt deeply at times as well, but I really liked, like and will like that chick profusely in this and other lives and afterlives.  Sometimes, life does not work out the way that you expect it to at the time, and "all of my CIA alleged traces" have given rise to nothing but an "overall possible complaint against the CIA."  That is UNDERSTANDABLE.  Betweeen all of the alleged "public information" and "disinformation," I can't seem to remember any particular incidents with any clarity.


Well, THANK YOU for your anonymous question about "CIA tracing."  Overall, I found it to be VERY REMEDIARY but improving over time as is the cameraderie and the mutual assistance.  Allegedly, there is QUITE A BIT MORE ASSISTANCE THAN USUAL from private parties and other parts of the government on the part of the "blackhearted devils" and their welfare.  The CIA appeared to be VERY DISTRESSED when I found it, and all I can do is TRY TO HELP. 


If you note, paragraph 5, subsection b, line 4 of the "noncontract for asssistance" says that you CAN TRY to use the CIA REVERSE PHONE DIRECTORY and IDEAS to assist the CIA, but BOTH YOU AND THE CIA ARE POTENTIALLY LIABLE for damages.  If you intent is BONA FIDE, there is NO POSSIBLE CHARGE for just TRYING TO ASSIST in a time of duress.  The CIA is responsible for "their own handling" of the "reverse phone directory," and this is a complicated subject matter.


What is the future of the CIA and their alleged "information" and "disinformation?"  From the prior display, I expect that it is mostly DISINFORMATION WITH MALICE, but who knows what the future holds.  I suspect that one particular "CIA spyette" has a bright future and a "true love" waiting for her at some undisclosed location in Pakistan.  That is a STRANGE LOCATION to start an investigation of "true love" and "The Taliban," but people keep seeming to find their "true loves" in opposing war camps. 


Perhaps this is a STRONG MESSAGE from Allah that we do not need these war camps - we can all just get along.  In the meantime, the CIA will just have to KEEP INVESTIGATING the "opposition forces," and I will PROBABLY KEEP HELPING despite the adversity.  Recently, I have been finding ways of sending aid to the CIA without leaving myself so open to alleged offensive materials.  Some people allegedly are STILL LONELY and looking for their spouses "on the job," and others are just working for reasonable work.  Some of those campers are allegedly VERY ENDEARING despite past difficulties.


As for Lara, there is an interesting story with the lottery numbers.  She asked me to pick 6 numbers from 1 to 49, and I suspected that she wanted LOTTERY NUMBERS.  To play a game and perhaps get an indication of result, I thought that I would try to pick "her lottery numbers" if we are "true loves" and to be married in this lifetime, and THE APLICABLE WINNING LOTTERY NUMBERS if we are not.  I ended up picking her lottery numbers, but this is INHERENTLY AN INCONCLUSIVE RESULT.  What could somebody make of that situation?


Strangely, I appear to have run off on about a TEN YEAR TANGENT by going on a quest for "my wife."  By questing for "my wife," I appear to have derived "Mary Magdeline," and this does not appear to be the result that I intended.  I meant to find my wife for THIS LIFETIME AND ETERNITY as well as my TRUE LOVE instead just my "past wife."  That is just PART OF THE PENALTY that you can pay for going on an "improper quest" and finding the "right result."  With an anagram such as "Maim enragedly," you HAVE TO HOPE that I would find something else for eternity as I love PEACE and EXTREMELY SATISFACTORY LOVE. 




BTW, I pulled down the "possible criminal record" for the alleged Spyette and suspect that she needs a FIRM KICK IN THE A*S to straighten up some, but there have been no charges filed.  And, "reverse criminal record searches" are prone to error and "inadmissible in court" as if I am going there ESPECIALLY ON THIS MATTER.  I have not WITNESSED ANYTHING, and I have NO THEORIES OR CONJECTURE but that SOMEBODY should find in themself some more humane treatment and some self-love.  There is A LOT to love as best as I can tell. 


I note that if I am given a writing sample and BONA FIDE BILATERAL INTEREST IN ASSISTANCE, I believe that I can CUT DOWN OR ELIMINTATE "ambiguous directives."  But, until recently, I was allegedly GIVEN NOTHING from which to work other than a STARTING POINT and ENDING POINT that allegedly WERE NOT CONNECTED WITH A THIRD POINT INTO A TRIANGLE.  Subsequently, I allegedly connected THOSE TWO POINTS, and I have NO WAY to know whether there was a MISSING POINT or not!  Given the amount of alleged WAR and LACK OF ASSISTANCE that I received from the CIA, I would assume that there WAS NOT a third point, but it appears that I may be wrong in this regard.


I also note that "any alleged third point" is probably deemed to be "generally be VERY MUCH in control of her emotions and actions.  If I were given the opportunity to suggest something, I would suggest returning to this approach.  How does one even allegedly FIND the alleged "harass Jesus" contingent of the CIA?  That HAS TO be a very select group, and I have to figure that this was "meaningful contribution" to the group and unarguable on the part of the group or by me - it was indeed "problematic and harassing in SOME SENSE" and overall perhaps the BEST YET and "meaningful contribution to the war covert effort on the part of the CIA" for purposes of "job satisfaction reviews" that I do not believe to be in question at this or any time for that particular individual.


I am not one to dwell on the past, and I have NO JUST CAUSE FOR ANY GRUDGE.  What you said to Lara was A GOOD INTERPRETATION and merely fuels her own feelings of feelings of uncertainty.  For anybody interested in shagging or bagging Lara, I suggest that you abandon these intentions to save yourself potential hard feelings.


Lara just asked me, "What did you send that girl?"   I suggested that I just sent her "what she REALLY WANTED" and that she could use a good friend and some love from afar.  I am not one to sit around and throw stones, but if you throw stones in the air, they are VERY LIKELY TO LAND back on your head!  Please don't do that!  "Let he who hath not sinned throw the first stone straight up in the air or fire the first AK-47 that way!"  Backwards-assed Muslims or alleged future Muslims!  You HAVE TO LOVE THEM ALL, but sometimes people could use a nice vitual hug and some direction instead of STRIFE and DISINFORMATION.


On the other hand, if some chick were allegedly SO IRATE over the possible loss or "part-time loss" of a near miss, can you imagine how happy she would (or perhaps will) be with THE RIGHT ONE?  And, the National Security interest is allegedly AT STAKE with REALLY GOOD HELP at hand.  TWO PEOPLE must allegedly decide whether to TURN AND BURN with "no future enemies" or to "press their luck" with potentially catastrophic possible results and perhaps a "point of no return" to Pakistan or Afghanistan


I asked my Bible, "Was this the correct response to this question?"  (I assume the e-mail address is burnable but the picture is framable.  Cheer up kiddo!  At least you won't have to tell your friends that they have to wait 7 years for a satisfactory personal product.  That is alleged to be a MUTUALLY SATISFACTORY PRODUCT at this time and better for ALL PARTIES CONCERNED.  I apologize for the "break from the status quo," but you have not had to deal with the "technical difficulties" on my end.  I could probably ALLEGEDLY F**K THE CIA computers back without prosecution, but this is deemed "not in the public interest and 'somewhat inflammatory.'"


At any rate, my reading was this:


"This is what the LORD says:


I will certainly restore the fortunes of Jacob's tents and show compassion on his dwellings.  Every city will be rebuilt on its mound; every citadel will stand on its proper site.  Thanksgiving will come out of them, a sound of celebration."


There.  Now that is ALLEGEDLY a BETTER RESULT than the former one.  The NATIONAL SECURITY INTEREST is allegedly satisfied AS TO THE MERITS OF THIS PARTICULAR CASE on the clock, and EVERY ONE OF THOSE FOUR INDIVIDUALS WILL BE ATTACHED to the MOST PROPER other individual for long-term happiness.  Not that I am allegedly ADVERSE TO HAVING A CIA PARTNER at this time and would prefer one of those alleged general qualifications. 


A good quote from Lara:


""> what =??  what did you send her?

> tell me.


I sent her some guidance as best as I can tell.  Just don't worry about it.  I am pretty sure that this was an upset friend of mine from my days at the perimeter of the CIA.  She appears to have been VERY UPSET and INTERESTED IN SOME NEW DIRECTION.


I told you that I tracked that one back to the CIA and that she was interested in you.  It is a LONG STORY that I am not at liberty to disclose, but there were some HURT FEELINGS that essentially needed to be addressed at this time.""


She is NOT GOING TO LIKE that answer, but it was REASONABLE under the alleged circumstances.  She just WON'T BELIEVE that particular incident allegedly traced back to the CIA, and that is probably for the better.  Well, actually it would be THE SAME.  I figure that a PICTURE is not worth ANYTHING if she actually CARED and HAD MALICE and that this e-mail is "burnable."  My e-mail and personal identity is "burnable at will", but this will not be deemed reasonably necessary - I can more easily burn a different one.


As for me, I have STILL been trying to assist AT LEAST SOME member of the CIA as well as the whole "national security interest" from a greater distance.  You can allegedly bite me, but I don't have to stop sending alleged aid or hold a grudge.  Even where there were LEGITIMATE GRUDGES, by this time ALL HAVE BEEN FORGOTTEN besides "the CIA at large" and "the top leadership" for alleged good reasons. 


Lara pressed me for details:  I told her THE GENERAL DRIFT, and she denies ANY CIA CONNECTION.  She said, "She is working and studying."  I told her, "Indeed she is."  "Perfect."  I told you that she would do that.  What do you want for me to do?  "With those SOPs?  Please spare the details!"  Keep up the good work and take the next three months to study some Pakistani. 


"She's intelligent."  No kidding.  At least the CIA is allegedly not COMPLETELY DEVOID OF INTELLIGENCE although I at times have to wonder. 


Well, needless to say, L*** seems to have an "endless stream of interested guys."  On the other hand, she questions the merits of my "reverse wiretapping techniques", but they are alleged to save some hard feelings and to get some work done.  It is NOT EASY to work like this, but it is the ONLY OPTION THAT I HAVE.


BTW, I am intrigued by your "inspired" "psychological operations" techniques not that they are not "outdated."  Please do not let your days pass you by while saying, "I could have been a contender."  You ARE a contender.  Good luck, and this SHOULD BE A CAKEWALK - intel rules say that guys GENERALLY think poorly with their phalluses. 



In closing, I am starting to miss the "black-hearted devils" to some degree.  I hope that they are doing well, and I hope for good progress on their part.  I think that I might need to write back to them as I am afraid that their "Mandy substitute" could use some better guidance and an interesting work program.  I suspect that they matched me up with a Spyette, but that their "reverse telephone directory assistance" landed on the wrong desk out of an attempt to control me or merely an accident. 


At any rate, if I send them some "reverse telephone assistance", that should straighten out the "technical difficulties" and perhaps foster better working relations with two possible future teammates.  I suspect that if we form a "four-way team", they will have to provide ONE MORE MEMBER so that SEASONED FIELD HANDS outvote my wife if she decides to tag along.  She will probably continue to force me to side with her while making the wrong decisions, but with three "partners", this could actually work out to our advantage.  "It looks like the voted against you YET AGAIN!"


At any rate, I am afraid that the work orders and training may have been sent to the wrong desk.  That is one of the difficulties in NOT BEING on site is that it is DIFFICULT to review progress.  But, I do what I can, and the CIA is solely responsible for their own "mishandling" of the "reverse phone directory assitance program."  That might work out BETTER, or people could end up marrying other people's true loves.  You just HAVE TO HOPE that people on the other end do good field work and make reasonable conclusions of fact.


As best as I can tell, NOT ONE CIA operative has been lost on one of my missions to date, and not one "true love" has been "misappropriated."  On the other hand, even the RELATIVELY SMALL COMPLAINTS that I have had in the past have faded away over time.  It is great that people have apparently been moving forwards, learning, and improving themselves overall. 


Overall, I found my "teammates" to be interesting and capable field hands.  It appears that if you give them an interesting direction to go to investigate at least some evil that directly impacts the national security interest, they are willing to go check it out and deal with the dangers of the requisite workload.  While there MAY HAVE BEEN some small disturbances on a personal level, these appear to have been worked out over time to mutual satisfaction. 


On the other hand, the alleged REAL DIFFICULTIES were caused by Satan, probably exclusively.  Well, since I removed that case to Congressional Hearings, it is beyond me to prevent further developments.  While I have strong preference for rehabilitation "on the fly" and continued work service where feasible and worthwhile, it appears as though others might favor punishment.  And, rehabilitation does not appear to be progressing ONE BIT with that one - you can't help people that do not want to help themselves.  Allegedly, that behavior was THOROUGHLY REPREHENSIBLE and PERHAPS BEYOND THE SCOPE OF FIELD REHABILITATION that is really tailored to deal with "personal distaste" or "minor infractions."


I am interested in seeing what the "reverse telephone directory assitance" creates in the form of "personal or professional contacts" over the long haul.  As best as I could tell, there were some PRETTY INTRIGUING, PALATABLE, and COMPETENT talent available for "joint projects" in the future, but I can also find "new people" should that be of interest to either party to the programs. 


Of course, I am a little s**t puppy and would even drag Satan along on an investigation if he could only mind his manners and the "rules of engagement."  But, probably he could better serve his country as a "phone or online consultant" for complex situations.  Oh, well.  I don't suppose that Satan WILL WANT to go out into the field in this lifetime even if he has the opportunity to do so.  He just always seemed like the kind of guy to send OTHERS to do his work in his place to me.


Well, I will have to work on the possibility of an "Inside CIA Mandy" to try best to avoid hard feelings over the long haul.  I don't know whether the CIA ever paired me off with a Spyette, but, if so, I would like to see her happy on a personal and professional level.  I dropped contact after the alleged virus incident, and I should probably drop a friendly line to keep her posted and furthering the current security inititives.


Of note, it appears as though I may have been writing AS IF I were writing to MY MANDY, but they e-mail may have been sent to a different one.  Indeed, this can possibly create some confusion, as I don't know the end disposition of the cases at this time.  If I had to guess, the Mandy that the CIA found deserves a wonderful relationship with somebody other than me, and I have an interesting idea where to look.  It just so happens that this search area is also in an area of focus for the national security interest. 


Well, it is probably ALWAYS a good idea to try to acquire "local talent," especially with fluency in applicable foreign languages.  I seem to remember a certain Senator's "to do list" that included procurring these particular types of individuals.  That is wise thinking indeed.  One can ONLY IMAGINE how much easier it could be to help if I were ON-SITE and could review evidence and personnel PHYSICALLY instead of perhaps only psychically.


I figure that with Buddha and Satan on-site reportedly, the CIA should be fairly competent at handling their own events without my further assistance.  But, it is also nice to help out others along the path of life, and I am always interested in trying to help people meet their true loves and hopefully live happily ever after.  I suspect that I will be dragged along for some future field work despite its onerous characteristics, but somebody has to be on the front line safeguarding our American freedom (once that has been returned to us.)  And, it is best to have a HAPPY TEAM with LITTLE OR NO outstanding issues.


I asked my Bible, "Will Inside Mandy find her true love in Pakistan?"  I received, "Yes, Father, because this was Your good pleasure.  All things have been entrusted to Me by My Father...  Then, turning to His disciples he said privately, 'The eyes that see the things that you see are blessed!  For I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see the things you see yet didn't see them; to hear the things you hear and didn't hear them."  Oh, well.  It looks like it could be one of those "love thy neighbor" situations where a little direction could go a long way for some pretty darn cool little trooper.


When I have time, I will write up a case file and send it onwards.  It is probably BEST that I compile a PRETTY GOOD STARTING POINT and a letter explaining my absence.

© 2018 The Archangel Gabriel

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Added on May 20, 2018
Last Updated on May 20, 2018


The Archangel Gabriel
The Archangel Gabriel

Heavensgate, TX

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