MEDICINE TODAY: Experimental Medicine

MEDICINE TODAY: Experimental Medicine

A Story by The Archangel Gabriel

See below...

Here is my list of medications and what they could help:
Seroquel:  For sleep (a heavy drunk) or to slow down thinking and grow up slowly
Special K/Kedamine  For sleep (a heavy drunk)
Percocets: For a good mood/HAPPY
Cocaine:  For energy or euphoria
Vicodin:  Energy
Valium and morphine: to be happy/in a good mood
Cocaine or morphine or vicodin or percocet: for pain
Codeine: Pain
Opium: for a good mood or pain
Crack cocaine: for psychiatric fix-all
Marijuana: for pain or lack of appetite
LSD: for susceptibility to mind control
GHB: for a good mood or susceptibility to mind control
That is enough!  Let's hope they are all legal for consumption today and that Israel gets a bustling export business for this
Also MDMA or MDA for a good sex life!
That should all be true and medically viable!
I want to include a few more medications
Zoloft or Celexa for depression
Zoloft Inderal Valium  Xanax or Celexa for anxiety
Xanax for sleep
What else?
Tramadol for mood euphoria or pain
Adderal for good thinking or energy or to lose weight also for mood
One more and I have to go
Crystal meth for energy good thinking or to stay awake all night to work
Cant you use these medications to treat about everything you see at the Mossad effectively
Anything listed for pain depression anxiety or energy for nutrient bath for the brain
Isnt that all true SAFE and reliable
Story over  I like what is trusted and true!
One note  although I might have tried all of that I will only talk about what I had a prescription for intstead of everything and anything  Isnt that a problem with modern medicine and psychiatry that people dont have prescriptions for a psychiatric mess like that  So people wont talk aobut what is actually effectiv e
I am going to post this on Writers Cafe as one of the worlds top product testers!
One point  Dont you think you can prescribe all of this for all the purposes listed  I think somebody there like me needs all of this
Somas  Back specific muscle tightness or for a good mood
Thats' all for now

© 2018 The Archangel Gabriel

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Added on July 31, 2018
Last Updated on July 31, 2018


The Archangel Gabriel
The Archangel Gabriel

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